Are You A Flake?

Are You A Flake?

You’re reviewing notes for a business meeting that is scheduled to start now, but the other person hasn’t yet showed up (or connected to the conference call). Waiting, waiting… Fifteen minutes pass, then twenty, and your partner/client/accountant/(applicable title) still hasn’t made an

Tip Sheet Posted: This Business Sucks... and here is what you can do about it


  You’ve heard it before—those of us in the creative industries have much to be concerned about. Big stock syndications like Getty Images and Corbis are fighting to increase profits and are desperately trying to create new income streams. I watch the numbers, (the few that are made

Award Winning American Photography Available as eBook


 Three photography, creative arts and business professionals founded Visualist Publishing, LLC, an eBook company specialized in creating, curating and distributing visually alluring eBooks worldwide. Their first score?  Publishing the award winning annuals: American Photography and American

TipSheet Posted - The Meaning of Success


I am going to let you in on a very personal conversation with a friend that I had just two weeks ago. The topic was the meaning of success. Business owners should give serious thought to what success means to us because it determines the way we run our businesses. Do you want a little or a lot?

Ready to be busy in the fall?

How can you get busy for fall and make the last quarter of this year your most profitable one in your photography business? It's been something I have been working on for quite sometime. As much as I love working with my private coaching clients I find that for 85% of them there's always one issue.

Three Steps To Achieve Your Goals

How To Execute

Now that the summer has officially started and we are at the half year mark already, let's take a look at the goals we've set at the beginning of the year. We had great plans to take our photography business to the next level, but how is the implementation going? Here is a very typical

Business Networking - Why doing less can be more

Guest blogger/Photographer David Coblitz

Business Networking can be very time consuming.  Especially if you do it via belonging to numerous networking organizations.  These tend to meet weekly.  Each takes not only the time of the group meetings, but also time to do one to one meetings with members of the group,without which not many

Maximizing Your Time (And Profits)


By Guest Blogger Mimika Cooney who is widely known as an international award-winning photographer, published author, and writer for Artsy Couture – a professional photo printing company that caters to photographers of all skill

What Photographers Should Know About Insurance

What Photographers Should Know About Insurance

Photoshelter has put together another of their fabulous free white papers and this one is on insurances for photographers. I get a lot of questions about this topic and thought you might want to check out  "What Photographers Should Know About Insurance". You will learn which policies to consider

How To Manage In a Changing Industry


Change is great when you have successfully gone through it, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys the usually painful process of growth that change forces on us. Wouldn’t it be easier just to stay put and hunker down, and wait out tough times? Or can we face that our old ways that once worked no

Creating Value and Making Connections: Two Vital Ingredients for Growing Your New Business Quickly

Guest Post Author: Kelli Cooper Are you confused on where to look to grow your business? You are likely hit with a barrage of advice. Work hard. Work long. Ask people for business. Most of these tips are poor advice for an aspiring entrepreneur. You need not work too hard or too long if you

The Photographer's Guide to Twitter

Twitter Guide Image

Photoshelter has posted their most recent guide, The Photographer's Guide to Twitter. This is a great tool for getting your work out there in the most popular social media today, twitter! From Photoshelter: Here's our latest guide out today, The Photographer's Guide to Twitter, which

Turn Your Talent Into A Business Video


Here it is. We are only a few weeks out. Already over 1000 RSVP's over at CreativeLive!  Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps on May 15-16-17. You can watch it live for free. I am pretty excited. What are you waiting for? You can RSVP right here (- and will you please share with your

Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps

Turn your talent into a business in 12 Steps

Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps Please reserve the dates. On May 15-16-17, I am facilitating a workshop at and you are invited. It is free to watch the live online workshop each of the three days. Please RSVP

Business Networking - What is my affect on others?

In the world of business networking, you are spending a lot of time interacting with other people.  What is your affect on them?  How do they think of you? How do your interactions make them think of you? Many times I have seen people who have been involved with a networking group get so

Getty Images Race To The Bottom

Marketing for your photography business

Recently Getty Images announced the availability of over 3 Million images for free to anyone who wants them.  I had to stop and pause. Generally speaking I have no issue to voice my opinion, but in this case I had a feeling that there was more to it. Something didn't add up. I wondered WHY would an

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Can't see clearly

Do as I say not as I do. Here are four steps that can help you get past the roadblocks in your life. One of my passions is to help my clients create the life and business of their dreams.  The plan is simple enough. First we identify what we need and want in our personal lives and career in

Pricing Your Photography Work

Photoshelter, in partnership with Wonderful Machine, just launched a new white paper about pricing your photography work. Photographers can get tips to connect with news clients and publications, learn what fees and terms to expect, plus get negotiating pointers and resources to help build their

Networking for Photographers - Are you spending your time or investing your time?

So you've been going to business networking meetings for a while now. How are you approaching them?  Are you "spending" your time, or "investing" your time in networking.  If you're there, you're spending your time, but you may or not be "investing" your time.  What's the difference?  If you

Photoshelter's Guide to Selling Fine Art Photography released


As you know I love keeping my followers up on the latest and greatest.  Photoshelter is always a great source for information and they have just released their Guide to Selling Fine Art Photography!  They have teamed up with the Center for Fine Art Photography to create the latest guide. It has