Party People on the Rooftop

Last night I went to the Smashbox Industry Soiree at Palihouse in West Hollywood. You might have read that Ettore Zuccarelli was turning  28 for the gazillionst time. No question, he was looking sharp and handsome as always.DSCN0332So here is the birthday boy with me and here is the birthday boy with Jason Davis who is the Photo Manager for JBG Photo Inc. and Steve Cainas, Production Coordinator for TV and Film and David De Winde who coordinates all of Warner’s travels and has confessed that he is busy beyond imagination. DSCN0333No wonder he needed a little Belvedere Vodka to decompress. I suppose the good news is that this means the recession is over. Sure glad we spoke! Moving on to the next group,  DSCN0331here is fellow German Claudia, photographer Landry Major and myself. Landry was one of my test subjects (it sounds worse than it is) for my upcoming bestselling self-help book “Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too”. Meaning she tested the ego-RHYTHM concept I invented and my method of KARL. If you want to know more click on the link to the ego-RHTYHM blog.  When I started Photography Business Secrets she was on board and keen to know everything about my new ventures. Smart as she is, she took advantage of my Charter Membership launch special and scored a one hour consultation with me for free just for taking action. After the first half hour and two pages of notes she was all smiles yesterday. She said: “Your stuff works.” So now I am all smiles, too. What did I coach her on? How to get key people on the phone (I have a few tricks up my sleeve) and how to negotiate with your stock agency so that they pay attention to you. Needless to say I am proud of this powerful lady who also was seen networking for the rest of the night. And here she is with Art Director (can you tell?) Tony Apilado from Honolulu, Hawaii.DSCN0340DSCN0334Next in the image is Jordan Kitaen who is the guest on my next interview for subscribers to my exclusive Photosecrets membership. Jordan shared his ideas about what makes a photographer successful. As a professional in the industry and the co-owner of the top studio for photography and commercial support services in Los Angeles he knows a thing or two about it. He blew me away in the interview and if you want to know how you can get this hot insider information click here and sign up for your free one month trial. With Jordan is Kori Stanton VIP Concierge and responsible for handling the crowds and of course this event. When the DJ started the night with a Michael Jackson song everyone stopped, it got quiet and the crowd hushed an “ohhhhh”. After we got over that Kori was seen dancing while directing someone with that walkie talkie while someone in the crowd was whistling and I am sure it was meant for her. DSCN0339 In the meantime Ettore celebrated his birthday some more, this time with photographer and director Kate Turning from Turning Pictures.  Next on my tour through the crowd we meet Smashbox Studios co-owner Mikel Elliot and  photographer Joseph Cultice. DSCN0342Joseph and I were chatting for a little while. He told me that he has been insanely busy lately and adding tons of frequent flyer miles to Japan. He’s got a following there and has reached celebrity status and I have a feeling he kind of likes that. Well – I would. Next he eluded that one of my favorite TV shows is coming out with an LA edition and upon major probing on my end, I found out the names of the leads. With my jar open I had to swear not to divulge anything which I am… not. Sorry, stay posted, you’ll read it here, first. Moving over to…  oh look it’s Ettore partying with more people, geez he looks like he had fun doesn’t he?DSCN0337Here he is with Florian Schneider and his lovely wife. Yes, you guessed it, Florian is Deutsch, just like me and we had a nice cosmopolitan exchange,  meaning a mixture of English and Germany speech. As it got dark I hung out with DSCN0344Antonio Ballatone who is a set designer in demand. All I can tell you is that I found nobody on that rooftop last night who even mentioned that business was bad or down. That’s the beauty of getting out, you walk away inspired and motivated. In the case of Antonio he is working on HGTV Designstar and is a person to watch. Yup, that is him in the picture if you clicked the link. He cozied up with the gorgeous Joann Gambino, Director of Business Development and Head of Production at Smashbox (see how tightly he holds her!). And just because we have not seen him for about two pictures here is Ettore again, this time with Mikel Elliot delivering a smashing presentation of the birthday cake. DSCN0347And Ettore liked it!DSCN0348You’d think I would be done by now but ran into Abe again from Smashbox. DSCN0336Following the tradition of coming up with something that makes him blush the next day at the office (and get teased by the entire female staff), I leaned on his strong shoulder for a moment and next thing I know he promised to do anything. Hmm, I’m still pondering about that! Time for the final round after a quick stop at
he cupcake bar where an unknown gentleman sprinkled and frosted my chocolate cupcake. Here I am with Art StreiberDSCN0346Art was a driving force in the early beginnings of celebrity@home stories and worked tirelessly for InStyle. When I had my own company I was furiously after him, to no avail. He is a fabulous and very loyal photographer with impeccable bedside manners and a brilliant business mind. Just like I like it. I might just approach him to get on a call with me and share some of his secrets. He and I had conversations about the industry and photography business.  He is now syndicted through August which is lead be former Outline frontman Bill Hannigan. Also in the image Drew Schwartz. As I am finishing my Belvedere Vodka I say goodnight to Kori Stanton again who looks just fabulous in this image, doesn’t she. And Thank  You Kori for another fabulous night with Smashbox.IMG_5325