Party People at Smoking Hot SkyBar

Smashbox’ Monthly Industry Soiree at the SkyBar

Last night I went on a one hour road trip from the cool Westside up to Hot Hot Hot Hollywood. My destination was the hip Mondrian and to be specific the SkyBar. What a fantastic location with great city views and perfect ambience.

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While driving up through the bumper to bumper city jungle I could literally see the fires burning in the distance. It’s bad right now in Los Angeles and temperatures of 100 degrees won’t help. To recover from that shock I made my way to the bar for immediately relief with a delicious cocktail. Bartender Josh treated me to a “Shimmer.”  The vodka was  generously sponsored by Lotus just take a look at that cool bottle. The “Shimmer” of which I might have had a tad more than my usual two drinks consists out of fruit juices, Lychee and you guessed it – vodka. Josh mixing the Simmer Feeling much better I immediately went to see the host. In this picture is Smashbox Studios co-owner Mikel Elliott and with Dee dangling looking ravishing on his arm. Mikel and Dee She does, doesn’t she?

But, sorry can’t stay, my duty calls and I must move on to meet as many new people as possible. Here is Abel Gallardo and John Triplett. Abel runs the TV Studio Q-Park and John is with Corporate Realty Associates. Abel Gallardo John Triplett The obligatory image with Abe is next. Abe apparently  just had walked off a plane after a two week vacation somewhere across the ocean and joined the party right away. I like a man who knows his priorities! Unfortunately I can’t call him handsome this time around as he was at the event with his beautiful girlfriend and I know how to behave. Beate Chelette Abe Swaidan

In the next picture you’ll meet Kori Stanton the VIP Concierge of Smashbox and hostess extraordinare. During the previous Smashbox Soiree rumor has it that she took down the house when she went on stage and sang her heart out. Last night while she wasn’t signing she made sure everyone had a good time. In this picture she is seen with Gary Reisman who told me my favorite story of the night. Since the very first Smashbox Industry Soiree I have seen Gary shooting the party pix. Last night I caught him with his own “Shimmer” at the bar and he looked way to relaxed to be working. Upon my probing he told me that he just landed his dream job doing visual effects for the Jay Leno show. So much party people for whining about the state of things! Someone gets the job – in this case it’s Gary. Congratulations, I love hearing good news. Gary Reisman and Kori Stanton As I make my way across the room I see Pix’ Eric Chuang and we caught up on the current state of the industry. For those who don’t know Eric and have been in a deep sleep (ts, ts) he is blogger and social photography media expert and don’t forget to check out his daily blog. Beate Chelette and Eric Chuang This event is littered with Quixote and Smashbox people and here is good looking Alex de La Hidalga with Helena Van Zandbergen, who has the coolest name and Sean French who also works for Quixote. de la Hidalga  Van Zandbergen French

Next I sat down with Art Director Jake and Kyle Stevenson a Musician. Jake Hoober Kyle StevensonThey were a bit suspicious (they even look suspicious in this image, don’t they) of a blond just barging into their conversation. Oh well, so I am moving on to the next group. Ah, one of my favorite smiling faces Joann Gambino introduced me to Rebecca Schatten from Arpen Production, would have linked it but can’t find the URL. In the image with Joe Watson. Joann Gambino Rebecca Schatten Joe Watson As I am contemplating if I should stand in line for another “Shimmer” I see this interesting couple. It is JR Mankoff and Emmeline Chang. JR is one of, if not the most sought after Assistants Par Excellence. Word has it that he’s worked with the top, top dogs including David Lachapelle for years. Now while I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth the entire way, I will say that David is…. let’s say very demanding. If you can do this you can do anything. Kudos to JR for knowing the secret formula. Jr Mankoff Emmeline Chang Mikel Elliott As the evening is heating up I am hanging with this group of pure handsomeness. Marco is with Carrsaks Botero  Stable Perezi MarcoBigPictureGroup and Jorge is with Opus Reps. Also in the image Ronald Stable, Mauricio Botero and Gino Carrsaks. There was major latin mojo and some sexy vibes going on in this group! But it got even hotter. Susan HansenNext I hear a big SPLASH and Susan Hansen is in the pool cooling off. When she emerged she looked as if she thoroughly enjoyed her little adventure. Susan Hansen is hotHmm, I always though you take your clothes of for these kinds of things…. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part, perhaps for a better and more scandalous picture.

As I am getting ready to shell out Mondrian’s absolutely shameless and outrageous valet parking fee of $20 (I had free drinks, I know but still) I am snapping my last image for the night. Again host and Smashbox Studio’s co-owner Mikel Elliott with MakeUp Artist Randy Mavestrand (right) and Photographer & Producer Brenda Ferrell and the fearless stuntman Chris Kelley. Mikel Elliott Chris Kelley Brenda Ferrell Randy Mavestrand

Here is big shout out to TJ Crume who invited me to delicious food at this table. Sorry no picture, I’ll make that up next time. Check out his Sync Production.

All in all – the event wasn’t as overcrowded as some previous events and I enjoyed myself a lot more. I could really talk to people and have a real conversation and the setting was amazing. Until next time party people. Don’t forget to share this post with the fancy and the wanna be’s. It’s Hollywood after all.


  1. susan hunter says

    Actually, its susan hunter, not hansen. Thanks for the shout out. I’m sure I still had water in my mouth :)