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Something Old, Something New, Something Fast My former colleague from Corbis Marco Oonk is a smart guy. He just launched Fast Media Magazine and his new idea is gaining traction very quickly. Marco is well respected and a long time industry professional and that certainly plays into his success.

How Do I Find The Right Rep?

How to Find a Representative? Photography Business Success Coach Beate discusses how you know when it is the right time for a representative and how to find the right one. To get your Free Business session sign up at Http://

Wedding Photographer for Malibu Needed

This is a referral for a friend. If you are a wedding photographer please send me an email with a link to your portfolio. It is for Sunday the 8th in Malibu. Please email to Thank you Beate

Obama Artist Shepard Fairey Really Blows It

Today in the Los Angeles Times I read the dramatic unfolding of the Shephard Fairey story. Now he has successfully created a mess that is kicking him in his rear. For those of you who have not followed the story we are talking about the famous Obama image with the word HOPE that has been virtually

What's Going On With That Stock Thing?

It's been quite a week. On Tuesday I had an out-of-this-world call with Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth. He shared his story and how he became a bestselling, award winning stock photographer with images in virtually every stock outlet all over the world. Jack and I met at the stock

How to Set My Pricing and Negotiate Your Win-Win

Photography Business Secrets FAQ # 7 Photography Business Success Coach Beate discusses how to set pricing in times like this. The second half of the video are simple tips and secrets on how to negotiate your win-win in tough economic times for maximum client retention. This is video number 7 of 10

MacTribe Interviews Photography Biz Coach Beate

Watch and Read the Interview for MacTribe During my last visit to New York when my daughter Gina and I were doing the college tour I carved out some time to speak with Dan Robillard and Ilissa Knisley from MacTribe. MacTribe takes the traditional content and updates it for the new generation of

Noteworthy Updates 10-7-09

Post 1: Everything You Need to Know About Stock On October 13 at 5PM PST / 8PM EST Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and I will be discussing "Everything you need to know about Stock Photography." If you haven't already signed up, please do so now, we are limited to 200 participants and we

Irving Penn Has Died at 92

A few hours ago I heard a rumor flying through Twitter that this great photographer has passed away. The New York Times just confirmed it and posted this obituary.

Spilling the Beans

This Just In The current shipment of my subscriber Audio CD's is just about to leave the warehouse. The October call is Dr. Nathan Griffith who is specialized in Fine Art Photography. You may have seen many gallery's struggling and getting out of business. You may even have tried to get your work to

Everything You Need To Know About Stock


Announcing Free Call with Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth When: October 13 Where: Teleseminar (Free Call) When: 5PM PST / 8PM EST What: Discussing Stock Photography Please join me for a real treat. On October 13th I have one of the top guru's in the stock photography industry on my