PDN – Kiss Print Issue Goodbye?

This morning I read the following article at PaidContent.org about Nielsen business publications. Nielsen is up for sale and it includes PDN, Photo Expo Plus and all related businesses to PDN. The full list of their publications is here. What does that mean? Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan who left

Noteworthy Updates 11-30-09

Post One: Coagula Art Journal #100 Just Released. Take a walk thru art history as publisher Mat Gleason relives each of the 99 issues of Coagula Art Journal with insight and humor. You can now peruse Coagula ONLINE immediately - no downloading is necessary - and if you like it you may, of course

Silent Auction New York

When I was working at Corbis, Red Carpet Photographer and industry staple Frank Trapper was publishing a book. It is called "Red Carpet, 20 Years of Fame and Fashion" and published by Publisher Lena Tabori from Welcome Books in New York. Lena is an extraordinary publisher and interested in many

Smashbox Face Off 2009

Event: SMASHBOX FACE OFF 2009 What: Exhibit Start Time: Thursday, December 3 at 8:00pm End Time: Friday, December 4 at 2:00am Where: SMASHBOX STUDIOS FACE OFF PHOTO COMPETITION 2009 (Fashion / Advertising / Celebrity / Editorial) The Smashbox FACE OFF has featured the talent of

Do You Feel Lucky? Do Want To Win Something?

We are about half way through this month and I wanted to send a mid month reminder. The month of November 2009 is my time to give thanks and I am doing it by giving away a copy of my "From Flash to Cash System." The system retails for $597 and could be yours for absolutely free. So what you need to

What Do I Need To Do to Survive In This Economy?

What Do I Need To Do to Survive In This Economy? Surviving This Economy This is the first video in a series of 10 questions every photographer should ask. In this video Photography Business Success Coach Beate discusses what you need to do to survive in a bad economy. Do you have any business

Find Clients – Generate Some Money

Clients, Money, Sales, Updates Big exhale #togs and #photogs and #stockphotography enthusiasts. It has been super busy around here and I thought I'll give you a couple of updates. First and most importantly on November 17 is the next free call titled "The Fastest Way to the Cash." This is a call

How Do You Protect Yourself Legally as a Photographer?

How Do You Protect Yourself Legally as a Photographer? Watch in video #10 the final most frequently asked question from photographers to Photography Business Success Coach Beate. This video is all about what type of legal paperwork you need to protect yourself legally during the workflow of a

Update On That Stock Thing

Successful Launch of "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stock" Last week Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and I kicked off our 4 Week Teleseminar. Our first guest was stock photography Rockstar and Royalty Free expert Sarah Fix. Sarah and I first met when was a greenhorn and had

What Are Clients Looking For?

What Are Clients Looking For? Photography Business Success Coach Beate answers most frequently asked questions by photographers. This is video number nine and deals with what clients are looking for from photographers during a tough economic climate. Watch all ten videos on this blog. This series is

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System"

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System" Just in time for Thanksgiving I am launching my November contest so you can win something. Enter your name and e-mail at http://FreePhotoSecrets.biz and you are entered to win a free copy of Photography Business Success Coach Beate's "From Flash to