PDN – Kiss Print Issue Goodbye?

This morning I read the following article at PaidContent.org about Nielsen business publications. Nielsen is up for sale and it includes PDN, Photo Expo Plus and all related businesses to PDN. The full list of their publications is here.

What does that mean? Rupert Murdoch’s son Lachlan who left his father’s emporium to build his own, will acquire portions of Nielson one of the things he is rumored to do is to shut down print. He is only interested in buying stakes or properties of Media companies and predicts Media to be primarily be online.

Yesterday Paid Content published yet another story of the sale being one week away from completion. Other important publications in play and on the auction block are the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and Adweek.

Also see article coverage on A Photo Editor.


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    This seems like history repeating itself yet again. First it was the printing press. It t was a great business until every village and town had one and over half of them went out of business. Second it was the Dotcom boom. It became over saturated and imploded on itself. Now there’s this assumption that online media is the only way to go. There is a reason why sailboats today have engines. Sailors have learned that the wind doesn’t always blow.