Great Photos Dont Sell Themselves


Is It Time to Get your Marketing Machine Ready? Do you want to know how excited I am? Very and here is why. He has said yes about five months ago and that is how long it took me to get this marketing guru on my February 9th FREE CALL with me - and YOU. I’m proudly to announce that my guest

On the Set of a Photo Shoot

Your Headshot Portraits Please watch this short video and meet photographer Matt Beard who is taking headshots of newcomer Gina Chelette. She's a singer and actress (and happens to be my daughter) who is getting ready to enter the industry.  The first step is to take her headshots as well as to

Noteworthy Update 1-22-2010

Post One: Launch of New Photography Association in London London Photographers Association first London meeting 2010. We welcome members. As an avid user of LinkedIn I just came across this post. There is a new photographer association that was just founded. It is located in London and they are

Noteworthy Updates 1-19-2010

Post One: Aquarium Event Photographers Night Join us for a special night of photography at the Aquarium of the Pacific. © Andrew Reitsma Now is your chance to take the photos you have always wanted. Back by popular demand, on this night, the Aquarium will be available to photographers for the sole

Annenberg Lecture with Jim Colton from Sports Illustrated

Meet Photo Editor Extraordinaire Jim Colton from Sports Illustrated Last Thursday I made my way over to the Annenberg to meet Jim Colton in person. He's been named one of the top 100 people in the photography industry and is a widely respected photography professional. People just love this guy and

You Will Love This – Stink Over Printer Ink

REGULATORS PLAN TO RAISE A STINK OVER PRINTER INK Call me old fashioned but my mornings are a ritual. I've got a Oatmeal, tea and the Los Angeles Times and that is how I like to start my day. Today I read an article that made me jump up and down with joy for many reasons. For years I feel that I

New Year Resolution -Get Your Message Out !

In the video below I recorded my New Year's message to photography business professionals. For 2010 there are three things I want you to focus on: - Define your message. - Get your message out. - Follow up (we'll be talking about this a lot this year). Enjoy the video and if you have questions

Getty Legal Video How to Protect Your Work

Just came across this video from Corporate Counsel Lisa Willmer on how to protect your work. Definitely worth watching: Lisa Willmer What's noteworthy about this? Clever way on how Getty uses this to promote all their services and outlets such as Flickr. Also it's clearly scripted and feels a

Noteworthy Updates 1-6-2010

Post One: Why You Should Never Work For Free You will enjoy this one minute clip from Mark Kalan's blog. He just sent it to me today and I want to share it with you. Click here to see a tough negotiation example in a video from the 60's. Nothing much has changed, has it? Post Two: Rosh Sillars

Screw Your Head on Right!


First let me wish you a Happy New Year. I keep my fingers crossed that this will be the year where you make your dream a reality and get to have a prosperous and financially successful career in photography. To kick of the New Year in style I have invited someone to join me for the first call of