Alert! Alarm! A Call To Action, New York Is In Trouble!

THIS IS JUST IN and Requires YOUR Immediate Attention if you shoot in New York It appears that still photographers have been thrown in the same dumpster as big, fat and well funded film companies. The Mayor wants to bleed our community dry. Please do what you can and protest this thoughtless idea

Confidential Stock Photographer Survey


Whose Making What? One of the major issues in our industry is the question - how big is it? Rumored for at least a decade to be around $2 Billion, the truth is, nobody knows. Since Getty went private we lost access to some very important industry numbers and with Alamy's announcement that they are

The Future of Magazine

Sports Illustrated Is So 2010 You may remember, I went to a presentation from Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Colton just a few months ago. During the presentation Jimmy showed an amazing array of imagery and then he showed a video clip. It's only three minutes long and it's worth watching. This clip has

Room With a View Launch Party by Assouline

Room with a View

Meet Me Around Town Aren't you glad the cold weather is over? I am because that means longer days and many more events to go to. Armed with the camera and the video I am ready to go. Sometimes I catch a great video, photo and sometimes it's just a great story. Events really are about networking.

ASPP at the Getty

Beate with the ASPP at the Getty

Member Benefits Galore This past weekend I got to do something I really enjoy. Which is to go to the Getty Museum. When the ASPP send their announcement that Program Director Sheridian Stancliff has scored a private tour for the members I was in. Watch this short video on the Getty Museum. As

What's Your Message Worth?

Celebrity Author Jill Lublin and PR Guru Went Overboard I don't do this very often, but ever so often something comes along that requires additional attention. As your Photography Business Success Coach I search amongst my vast connections for friends, colleagues, authors, speakers and coaches who

Don't You Have Enough Friends-Get Some Business!

You Can't Afford To Miss This! It seems as if it was just a moment ago that Web 1.0 went to Web 2.0. If you are like me,  you probably understood that will change your business and you dabbled a little in this and that. You made friends on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and perhaps you even

Should I Post Prices On My Website?


About Posting Prices on Websites This discussion keeps coming up and I thought I'll address this via a short video. Should you put your pricing information on your website or not? Please click here to see the answer to that question: Why? Your online presence isn't replacing the way your should

Learn From A Master – A Once In A Lifetime Chance


Masterclass With Douglas Hill Los Angeles based Douglas Hill is very dear to me. We met many years ago when he was one of the first to believe in me when I emerged as a  new, start-up stock syndication specialized in Architecture, Interior and Living Well images. At that time, he already had been

How to Piss Off the Photo Editor

Photoshelters article how to piss of a photo editor

Top 13 Ways to Piss Off a Photo Editor As a former photo editor (I used to work back in the 80ties at trendy Zeitgeist Magazine Wiener and then German Elle) I feel the pain in this article. When you meet or talk to a potential client and specifically a photo editor, please do your homework ahead

Meet the Photography Business Success Coach

Photoshelter Event LA

Photoshelter and Photography Biz Coach Beate Event One: It is going to be an exciting month. Already we have a good crowd signing up for our next Free Call this next Tuesday, May 11th. It is with celebrity Jill Lublin and we are discussing PR. I just realized that I had forgotten to tell you