Meet the Photography Business Success Coach

Photoshelter and Photography Biz Coach Beate

Event One:

It is going to be an exciting month. Already we have a good crowd signing up for our next Free Call this next Tuesday, May 11th. It is with celebrity Jill Lublin and we are discussing PR. I just realized that I had forgotten to tell you that you can send me your questions about PR ahead of time but so many of you have figured it out. I already have received a number of great questions. Just in case you still want to submit your question or sign-up. It’s not too late.

Event Two:

On May 23rd I will be part of a fabulous event that Samy’s Camera and Photoshelter are  hosting jointly in Los Angeles. Conveniently located at the Pacific Design Center, a low investment of $49 will get you a full day of Photo Business Marketing.

I will be a panelist in the afternoon session at 4.30PM

Session 4: Pro Panel
Marketing for photographers: What’s Worth Your Time?

Moderator: Grover Sanschagrin, Co-founder, PhotoShelter
Panelists: Beate Chelette, John Early, Michael Larsen, Tracy Talbert
4:30pm – 6:00pm

Grover tosses this tricky question to a panel of local pro shooters and industry professionals and asks them to weigh in on the ever-elusive subject: what’s worth your time? Join in the discussion as panelists offer insight and perspective on the photo marketing and time management strategies that have worked for them and answer your questions. Use their experience to learn how you can be investing your time to promote your photography business online with maximum results.

To register please click the image above and to get more information about the event click here now.

Why would you want to come? I’ll give you three reasons:

  • Is there something more important than Photo Business Marketing?
  • For $49 (the price of an average Sushi lunch) you can get a full day packed with information about marketing from top experts.
  • For the raffle I’m donating one copy of my from “Flash to Cash System” (value $597.00), the only proven photography business success system. You have to be there to win. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one and will win it and come out $548 ahead… Someone has to it might as well be you!

Event Three:

On June 9th, I am a moderator on an exciting panel at the International CEPIC congress in Dublin.

I’ll be on at 1.30Pm (13:30 H) –

Using New Media Tools to Get Business,

not just more friends, followers and fans

In this session Fast Media Magazine founder Marco Oonk and Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and of course I, with be sharing our success recipes. Each one of us have been successful in utilizing New Media to gain a business advantage. We will be sharing what we did, how we did it and what the results are. If you are in Europe and you’ve been wondering how in the world you’ll ever get to met me or Jack – this is the place. Here is the link to the program for a few more details.

Mr. Microstock, the-one-and-only Yuri Arcurs will be the keynote speaker at this event. That and of course me is worth the trip alone :)

Hope to see you at one or all of the events above.


  1. says

    Hi Beate,
    I am looking at purchasing “How to Make Money With Stock” with your early bird opportunity which ends tommorow. I’m a little bit uncertain if it is for me?? Is there a money back guarantee for 30 days with the early bird special if I don’t like it?? Please respond asap before the offer expires. Wayne from Australia.

  2. says

    Thank you for the comment Wayne and glad you asked. We have a pretty amazing guarantee and here it is:

    More-Than-Your Money-Back-Guarantee
    If within one year of investing in your  “How to Make Money With Stock”  or  “From Flash to Cash” System Home Study Guide, you have not earned back the investment in this system in Your Photography Business,  all you have to do is provide documentation that you have gone through all of the material…  have implemented at least 1 of the hundreds of tools, tips and tricks in this System… and have not seen the guaranteed results. That’s it! Once that happens, we will promptly refund every penny you’ve spent with us… and we’ll even send you an extra $100 just for your time. You will get no hassles- and we still can be friends.