Is It Time For You To Get Out Of The PhotoBiz?

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Please find enclosed the link to the last video column over at Blackstar Rising. It's been one of these months. I love this business but I can't stand the complainers. That's why I recorded my latest tough love video. Please click on the image below to go to the Blackstar blog. What amazes me is

The Truth About Our Customers (Who Use Stock)


This month to be exact on September 24th, Graphic Design USA will be publishing an extensive stock photography survey. What’s so interesting about this? It says that 94% of all respondents use Royalty Free images and only 41% use Rights Managed.  And if that wasn’t a big enough of a blow to those

I'm a Hot Momma


Can You Help A Hot Momma? Please note that in this post I am asking you to assist on a great project. We are looking for photos and there is a $0 budget. Because we were having so many discussions about Free (that I do not want to revisit, I think we discussed that topic) I am telling you this

And The Winner's Are:


Image10 was a nationwide photo contest run by the New York chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers and open to all professional, serious amateur and student photographers residing in the United States. Contestants were asked to submit one or more images that were created after

We've Permanently Moved (Again)

Dear Reader of the PhotoBizCoach Beate's Blog Sometimes in business you are required to make decisions you don't want to do but must because they are the smart thing to do. You know that I am dedicated to the photography business. You also know that I coach and consult.  Over the last 18 months done

Hi, My Name is Glenn Morshower

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The first time I met Glenn Morshower was at Craig Duswalt's Rockstar for Success Bootcamp. It is coming up again on September 23-26 and you can still secure your spot by clicking here. There are only four more seats available. He will sell out, again. I will be attending the event as well. Glenn

Find Your Inner Rockstar

Meet A Really Great Guy A couple of days ago I had my friend Craig Duswalt on the call. We discussed his Rockstar System for Success. He teaches how to become a Rockstar in your industry. Twice a year he facilitates an event, his Rockstar Bootcamp in Los Angeles. The next one is on September

Photographers Curating Their Own Exhibits


Take a look at this quick article my friend Ruta Fox just sent me. While it's not new to have a bar or gallery exhibit a photographers work... what's new is that photographers are themselves taking turns curating it. Definitely Made Me Look and only in Australia. It's called the Camera Club. Click

Image Expo In New York October 13, 2010

Visual Connections 2009 event in New York City

Visual Connections New York Image Expo Visual Connections (formerly Picturehouse Marketing US) will be hosting its annual Image Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York on October 13th. This is a unique one-day event for image buyers, researchers, designers, art directors, and other users of