Sharing Your Gifts


This is an interesting topic that I have been mulling over. Just a few days ago I spoke in Seattle about "Innovative Business Ideas for Photo Pros". Afterward I was on my way to Vancouver for a 2.5 day meeting discussing a new product line. While I was in Vancouver I met up with a photographer

Gratitude and Giving Thanks

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Just in time for my favorite holiday in the United States Thanksgiving I recorded this video for my column at Blackstar Rising. Did you know that showing gratitude is a powerful mindset strategy? It is used to activate the a vibration of your brain that sets prosperity into motion. Like attracts

Selling To or Connecting With Your Client?

Connection Coach Jonathan Sprinkles PhotoBizCoach Beate

Today was a great day. I got to interview my friend and colleague Jonathan Sprinkles for my Monthly Mentoring Program audio series. Jonathan is the Connection Coach and he speaks about having the right mindset as well as how to truly connect with your customer. In the most relationship driven

Is Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-Only Newspaper the Future of Journalism?

Apple and News Corp are reportedly set to launch The Daily, the first iPad-only news publication. Can Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs usher journalism into a new digital age? The joint “newspaper” will have no website and no print edition; the only way to get it will be to download The Daily via

Is the New Stock Photography Business Model Right for You?

Article and Photography by William Manning I remember well the days of making a reasonably good living or at least providing a respectable supplemental income selling pictures, especially compared to today. It took a fair amount talent, a good business sense and a little luck. That business model

REMINDER: ASMPNY’s annual commercial portfolio review!

When:    Today; November 8, 2010 Where:   Tribeca Skyline Studio, 205 Hudson Street, Penthouse Time:    Doors and registration open 6:00pm Introduction 6:30pm Reviews 7-9:00pm FREE for ASMPNY MEMBERS ONLY!! ASMP makes joining easy and payment can be made monthly. The format is simple,

Are You Looking Good Enough (on paper)?


I am an addict. Seriously, I have gotten so into Social Media. Since I invested in my iPad my world has changed. I do absolutely everything on it now. From watching shows, streaming Netflix, playing games and reading books on airplanes, running the controls for my free calls (hint, next on is on

Taking Life Head On

Today I want to share with you a secret that can help you change your life for the better right away instead of "someday." I've noticed that many of the readers of this blog are perfectly capable of handling photography assignments but struggle with finding a truly positive outlook. Our industry