Photographers And New Ideas

Here are some thoughts that I had the other day about what you can do to gain a creative edge over your competitors.

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So what are you going to do to get inspired today?


  1. J. Eisele says:

    Excellent advice. As it is now, about 50% of my linkedin groups have nothing to do with photography. They are mainly groups dedicated to fashion, design, marketing, software development, etc and it's proven to be a great way to stay ahead of the curve in trying to understand what potential customers are looking for next...

  2. Beate, I always enjoy your videos and this one is no different. I too find the rehash of advice coming from the photography industry tiring.

    For me part of being a photographer is about being curious, about a thirst to learn not just photography but about how things work and the business models used by other small companies.

    The other mistake our industry makes is thinking that our business is about photography. Of course it is about making images but that is just the vehicle and medium.

    Thanks again as usual.