Rhianna’s and Universal’s Copyright Issues Continue…

First David LaChapelle now a 19 year old French photographer are suing and in the latter case threatening to sue Rhianna and Universal for copyright infringement. As a creative one can’t help but wonder why an artist like Rhianna and Universal as a record label would not know about copyright infringement?  An artist and a company with such a high profile and they think that they are not getting their chops busted?

Please click the link to the article on PDN, look at the images tell me if you think they are infringing the original idea?

Can’t wait to hear your comments.


  1. says

    i particularly enjoy reading the comments in these cases,that accompany the PDN article. There seems to be a fundamental principle for some people that ideas aren’t copyrightable. Which while true doesn’t convey to the execution of those ideas. When a photographer exercises complete control over the setting, lighting, pose, costume etc. they are definitely establishing a copyrightable look that can be protected.

    The problem, as always, is that people do not see the subtle differences in what is being done. This photographer went to a great deal of work to create that style and should be protected from plagiarism.

    if you really want to see something amazing look at the most poplar shots purchased on iStock and then watch how many nearly duplicate images are recreated by others to profit from the same concept. Horrible…