Arrogance and Ignorance In The Photography World

I don’t do this very often. Call someone a bad name.

In this case I can’t help myself!

Le Book, you are arrogant and ignorant.

What happened?

During the recent even Connections by Le Book LA event I was declined attendance. Actual note is below.

When I ran my company Beateworks I actually advertised in Le Book. My feelings are hurt but I’ll get over that – when I am done ripping them apart.

It can’t get better for a teaching example so let’s use Le Book as a great example of what NOT TO DO.

Why is this arrogant? Because the narrow mindedness of the organizers.  I get it that they want to get buyers in first. What do you think would help the people who paid thousands of dollars to exhibit at this event after that one day?  Further exposure and promotion to potential buyers and exhibitors. Through what? YES – bloggers and coverage. What goes on the internet is here to stay.

Why is this ignorant? Because I have only bad things to say about Le Book to the thousands of people who read this newsletter, the 4200 people who are in my LinkedIn Group Photography Business, the 10 other photography groups that I post in reaching another 35,000 photography industry people, my Facebook group, through Twitter and my community.  I certainly would not recommend Le Book to any of my personal consulting clients or anyone else I know. I don’t like them.

Why is this bad for their business? How am I doing so far? Bad press from a highly ranked and widely read photography blog where it’s all about investing in the right kind of business ideas. Where it’s about marketing, promotion and advertising for the photography industry. With my SEO I may even start showing up when you google Le Book soon.  Hey Le Book are you paying attention now?

Adding insult to injury: Le Book telling me that I can advertise and BUY my way into it a private cocktail party shall I want it that bad or pay them for promoting them to thousands of prospects. I think not.

I am shaking my head in disbelief while I am writing this. Just in case you wonder, I did write back to the gal who wrote the note and said ‘are you sure about this’, only to get no response.

Amazing that in the year 2012 someone still has not figured out that blogs, and free enthusiastic promotions are good for business. Whom have you come across who has displayed this type of arrogance and/or ignorance? Please share. Or do you think I am totally off slamming them now?

And yes, now that I threw my virtual temper tantrum I feel better. Phew!


Dear Beate,

Thank you for your interest in CONNECTIONS by LE BOOK LA.

Due to space limitations and guest list requirements, we cannot currently accommodate your invitation request.

For reference, CONNECTIONS is by invitation only and restricted to industry professionals who commission creative talentand services – such as brand and ad agency creative directors, art directors, art buyers, marketing/communication directors and editors.
However, non-CONNECTIONS exhibitors who are print/web advertisers of LE BOOK are invited to the show on January 26 from 6pm for cocktails and creative mingling within the show. If you are interested to learn more about how to fully take advantage of our  multi-faceted promotional network, please contact for more information.

Kind Regards,



  1. Ken of London says


    Bear with me as I am a bit slow today. The event you want to go to is primarily aimed at Creatives to meet Creative output buyers and visa versa.

    If this is correct, what I would ask then, in the first instance what are you, a buyer or a seller. If neither then this may be the reason for you lack of invite, in the first instance.

    Yes you have enormous influence in the photo web/blog etc world and many people sit up and listen to what you have to say about running a photo business, and I can see the onward connection as to why you want to be in the smoozing ring and why their maybe industry people who are hoping to bump into you for a chat.

    Lebook are there to make a buck and I guess they want a cut of whatever developeds at their event.

    Tell me I am wrong if I have misunderstood, I very well may have



  2. Jess says

    Seriously? You are throwing a tantrum like a two year old because they didn’t invite you to their party? Wow.

  3. says

    Thanks for the comment. No, you are not slow!
    To be clear – of course I got over the not being invited part. I think anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a very generous promoter. From LiveBooks, PhotoShelter, Epson Printers, ASPP, ASMP – you name it, if someone does something for our industry I gladly and happily promote their event and their services. I am always out and about looking for deals for my readers and companies that do something that I feel is valuable. You guys know this.
    What ticked me off was the response that suggested that I could buy advertising to be admitted to the party but not attend the event. What I would have done is feature the exhibitors and of course LeBook. I would have promoted this to a good size circle many of which are not just potential clients (photographers paying for advertising) but also Art Buyers, Creatives and Photo Editors.

    I used the LeBook incident as an admittedly passionate teaching point as what not to do. Because it demonstrates very clearly how poor communication (to me) and a lack of research (about me) can cause a huge problem for your company (LeBook). It doesn’t matter if it’s rightfully or not – someone like me can cause an image problem.

    I may not be right in this case at all, I may be totally off base and have admitted that I may – but that’s not even the point. The point is that upsetting with poor customer service the wrong person – your business will suffer. What could LeBook have done better? They could have had a communication with me. Instead they tried to sell me something and that was in my eyes so outrageous that it sent over the edge.

    I welcome a spirited conversation and again, it’s not about being right or wrong. I knew that there would be divided opinions about this. Which is exactly what proves my point. And by the way, I don’t take this personally – I am making a point.

  4. says

    Maybe that some people at Le Book don’t have the right approach to their work or maybe they are way too busy and they make mistakes. In the first case – they should learn to do it better and in the second, they should hire some new helping hands. And yes, they may be arrogant. In every case – their business will suffer from that if they are doing this.

  5. says

    It sounds like this was sent out by someone who didn’t take the time to check if you had a long relationship with the company. They definitely just sent you a blanket letter that they sent to a bunch of people though…. I don’t know how they operate but this is obviously not the first time they struck a chord with you. They messed up, definitely a what not to do. Hope they make it up to you!!

  6. says

    I agree it is not wise to alienate an industry expert. A good positive blog testimonial for a business is priceless and more valued than just advertising alone. Most people would respond more to a recommendation. They missed a good opportunity .

  7. mr moo says

    Photographers’ agents pay a lot of money to exhibit there. It’s specifically to allow agents to talk to buyers. You don’t fall into that category (even the photographers who are showing via their agents can’t attend). Anyone who is of a reasonable stature in the industry as a buyer is invited anyway. Your blog isn’t necessary to advertise to them and if I had paid that much to exhibit, I’d rather my agent didn’t have my time wasted talking to you.