How To Build Your Brand Video II

This is video II about branding. The below video explains how to build your brand into a successful photography business.

This week I am promoting our YouTube channel. Just in case you haven’t checked it out please go here right now. We are growing like wildfire. 155,000 channel views, 150 video’s and over 550 subscribers. I want to get these numbers to explode because I believe that video will be getting much, much bigger and will have heavy influence on SEO. Will you please share and spread the word? I’d like to double the subscriber numbers by the end of June.

Enough said, here is your video:

YouTube Preview Image


  1. says

    Thank you Marion. Yes, we know. We have bee quietly building a new site with all the bells and whistles. This new site will also include a Membership Hub and of course a Google+ button. It’s coming!

  2. Dirk says

    hmmm… tiny business advice: Do not beg for sharing your content, because you want it to be successful. That’s looks desperate. If your content is good, people will share it. Not because you’re begging to…