LinkedIn – What Mistakes You Need To Avoid

LinkedIn is one of those things. Love it or hate – there is no way to get around using LinkedIn as a photography business professional. Because LinkedIn does such excellent SEO very often your LinkedIn profile shows up in Google searches. For that reason alone it has to be flawless. Another reason is that people like me check you out throughout all your social media outlets.

There is a definite opinion I have about what you should say and do on LinkedIn. Watch this video to find out what not to do and what to do:

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    Thanks for the tough love! Based on what you’re said, though, I feel good about MY profile and how I’ve reached out to current and potential clients. Now if you could just make me look more like Tom Cruise…!

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    Oh Rob – you look even better than Tom Cruise, what are you talking about 😉 Glad you found this video helpful.

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    As usual Beate you make excellent points…..

    I’ve spent a lot of time refining my profile and evaluate it once per quarter. I see LI as my professional authority/expert site and many clients have visited my profile and commented positively on it.

    I actually had a professional friend shoot my profile pic and after a year I reshot as a self-portrait.

    Ironically I sent out a message on LI Monday chastising many of my connections for the very same reason: either no profile pic or a very poor one.

    Right on baby!


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    Beate, thanks for the great info. I have recently joined LinkedIn and this has helped get me going. Thanks to you I think I’m on the right track!