When is a Photo Published for the First Time?

Photography business client and  photographer extraordinaire Dorit Thies just sent me this quick note and it’s worth sharing.  The question when is a photo published for the first time has been discussed for quite some time. Finally there is a valid ruling. Over on the Photo Attorney’s blog post Carolyn E. Wright did a fabulous article on whether or not posting photographs on the web constitute publication.

Hi Beate,

You probably saw this too? http://www.photoattorney.com/?p=3991 If not, this is interesting to read.

Your image is considered published as soon as you are posting it on your website.


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  1. Lewis Bearden says

    I’m not an attorney but it seems to me they wrote that if you put photos on your website and make they available for download that they are then considered published. But if you put them on your site and do NOT make them available for download, they are NOT considered published. I guess the lines still really aren’t very clear.