What Is A Professional Photographer?

This video is about what a client should come to expect from professional photographer. You wonder why your clients don’t know what  is a professional  photographer? How can you get this across to your clients? What can they expect from you? Here is a video about the professional photography business that I recorded for my video column at BlackStar. What is a professional photographer and what can you expect from a professional photographer? Once you watched this video I encourage you to use the arguments you here in this video as your selling points. As always, please let this PhotoBizCoach know how this is working for you.


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    An excellent idea, but impractical for many photographers. This speaks to the need of high level studio photographers — not those who shoot in a photojournalistic style and rarely use assistants, etc. I follow your principals, but I have never received a job because of them. I have received jobs because my work is better than amateurs/staff. How can this be conveyed?
    Also, PLEASE provide transcripts of your videos. Most of us who are over 30 prefer the written word. Much easier to scan and thus save time.

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    Thanks Richard, I think your question how you can convey that you are better than others should be it’s own post. Let me work on that.