What Should You Write In The About Section Of Your Website?

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Watch this so you can avoid the most commonly made HUGE mistake when writing your copy for your website.


  1. Dirk says:


    I had just finished the rework of my "About me" section...

    And guess what...? It started with "my grandma gave me my first camera"....

    Now I have to do it all over again.... :((((



    Thanks a ton!

  2. Beate says:

    LOL Dirk, freue mich daß Dir das Video geholfen hat. Lieben Gruß, Beate

  3. Dirk says:

    Das Schlimmste ist ja – ich WEISS es ja eigentlich. Aber im Eifer des Gefechtes...

  4. Raptor says:

    Very well stated advice. I already do this to a point, but now that I'm concious of it, perhaps I can focus on that a bit more.

  5. Domonique says:

    Perfect advice and perfect timing! I was just getting ready to update my about me page. Thank you!