PhotoBiz Bootcamp About To Start

In case you missed it, the PhotoBiz Bootcamp is two days away from starting.  Enrollment for the Free 7 Day Photography Business Virtual Video Bootcamp is closing on January 31st at midnight Pacific Standard Time (US.)

Enroll now:

There are still a few more spots open, but we are getting pretty close to our cut-off number of 1000 participants. If you miss this one you will have to wait until Fall 2014. Due to a heavy speaking calendar I the Bootcamp is available only twice a year. Hope you can make it.

Your PhotoBizCoach Beate


  1. says

    Hey there,
    A friend sent me a link to your 7 day workshop on 1.28.14 and I clicked the link and entered my contact info, but never heard back! No idea where in the ether that went!
    Can I still get in it ? I’m a pro photographer, and would even like to get in on the tail end!
    Thank you,

  2. says

    Hi Allison,
    Sorry, the Bootcamp closes for new registrations once it official starts. If you signed up you are tagged for the next one and so to speak first in e-line. It is not possible from the way the free bootcamp is set up to allow for latecomers. Once it runs – it runs.

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    One more thing… if you used Google, gmail, yahoo, or hotmail there is a good chance it ended up in the spam folder. If you heard nothing at all from me that would be my guess.