The Color Run – The Other Side

Last night as I was on a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders I received a notice from The Color Run.

They posted a response. Here it is:

I told them, and I told Maxwell Jackson that I was going to  post this because this is the other side to  the story. After my post got a lot of attention yesterday a firestorm broke lose and The Color Run was inundated with negative reactions across all media outlets. The vivid responses through the social networks made an immediate response necessary. That is good.

There have been critical voices about all aspects of this story. Let’s go through a few of these:

  •  The Trademark Infringement case from The Color Run has (I assume this) nothing to do with the copyright infringement or unauthorized use, or compensation for Maxwell’s images. The alleged infringement is most likely a different lawsuit and one that Max would have to file.
  • Let’s remember that Max is a young photography student who (and this is painfully obvious now) has gotten some very bad advice and done some very bad negotiating. Everyone is entitled to their own mistakes, we just hope not all of them get to be this expensive.
  • Without  the public pressure that other photography outlets and my tribe put on The Color Run and on Max – the details of the story wouldn’t have emerged so quickly. That is a good thing.
  • The photographer still needs to get compensated for his work. That seems to be the one thing every side agrees on.
  • Please let us remain professionals and refrain from threats and name calling. Especially if we disagree.
  • I am known to be outspoken, and opinionated, but I am fair. You can disagree with the way I handle this, or my motivation to discuss this hot topic, and as long as you remain professional I will post your comments.
  • This is very much a story that should be publicized.

What’s your opinion now on this?





  1. Mordecai says

    Very bad advice is an understatement. Asking for $100K from a non-profit organization that has raised 1 million, TOTAL, in its entire existence was kind foolish, but okay, starting high and working with them toward a lower figure…but no, he later TRIPLES that figure. What the hell kind of deep pockets does he think these people have?

    And his other demands…I mean, “to be named the Official Photography Sponsor of The Color Run (Globally) for the remainder of its existence”??? Who would think that was going to stick? Young photography student or no, that’s beyond thoughtless. I’ve seen plenty of young photographers get their work effectively stolen under the guise of “exposure” but this makes it REALLY hard to be in this kid’s corner.

  2. says

    Who knows where he did his research or what prompted him to do this. But, remember this is the other parties side. I am pretty sure that they are equally withholding facts that will make them look bad. The truth will be somewhere in the middle.