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To contact a real person please call USA: 310 558 4248 or 866 403 6991

To contact us via email please use: office@photobizcoach.com

Yes, I am a real person and here is a little bit about me:

PhotoBizCoach_BeateBeate Chelette is the PhotoBizCoach and dedicated to educating photography professionals about the business behind the art of photography.

She is an International speaker on photography topics, an expert witness and teaches the photography business through the PhotoBiz Intensive, an online course.  Beate became a multimillionaire when she sold her stock photography licensing company to Corbis that is owned privately by the world’s most successful entrepreneur, Bill Gates. She is living proof that you can make money in the photography business, and she shares her vast global experience and knowledge openly with her coaching clients and customers.

A photography professional since she’s been sixteen Chelette’s experience is impressive and covers a broad spectrum of photography. She holds a BA in photography, was a Photo Editor at German Elle, photographer, producer and rep and ran a global stock syndication that licensed images and feature stories into 79 countries. Beateworks became the world leader in interior and celebrity@home imagery within 24 months after conception. During her career she worked with some of the world’s biggest names in photography such as Lord Snowdon, Helmut Newton, Tim Street Porter, George Hurrell and Gilles Bensimon and has a client list that includes such staples as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mervyn’s, Levi’s, Wrangler, Glidden Paint, Coldwell Banker and many more.

It is Beate’s mission to share her vast expertise and connections and educate the next generation of photography industry professionals about how to be successful.

“Your photography is only as good as the business behind it.” ~Beate Chelette

About Chelette Enterprises, Inc.:

About: I am Beate Chelette aka the Photography Business Success Coach.  I know what it takes to make it, I have been on every side of this industry and aside from being well connected I have been in this long enough to know how things work. I have made it after years of struggling and my clients will tell you that I don’t hold back. I give you what I know straight up.

What I know is packaged in various products and services that you can participate in, subscribe to, invest in and study at home at your own pace. My programs are only for those of you who are serious about this business.  I don’t talk much about the art of photography the market is littered with people who will tell you that it all depends on that one image -  I focus on the business. What I do  works for people that are willing to accept that you are running a business and you need to know how to do that. What I do is NOT for people who just want to ‘try something’ and guaranteed the wrong thing for whiners and complainers. This is not an Internet scam I am a real person with real clients and I have a pretty serious guarantee on my systems. If you are tempted you can always send me an email to beate@photobizcoach.com. Who knows, I may just answer myself!  If you invest your hard earned money into me or my systems and you can’t find one idea over the course of one year that at least gets you your investment back – you get your money back + $100. I am originally from Germany and came to the US many years ago.  My experience spans the world and my systems work no matter where you are in the world. One more thing… I got a pretty good track record and I have a sincere desire to see my clients succeed.

If that still does not satisfy your curiousity you can read this interview about me and how I turned my dream into a reality.

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I am like you, I need help, too. So if you have comments or feel that there is a product, course or service that I should offer that I am not, please let me know. I love to hear from you. You can contact us at office@PhotoBizCoach.com