Award Winning American Photography Available as eBook


 Three photography, creative arts and business professionals founded Visualist Publishing, LLC, an eBook company specialized in creating, curating and distributing visually alluring eBooks worldwide. Their first score?  Publishing the award winning annuals: American Photography and American

Ready to be busy in the fall?

How can you get busy for fall and make the last quarter of this year your most profitable one in your photography business? It's been something I have been working on for quite sometime. As much as I love working with my private coaching clients I find that for 85% of them there's always one issue.

Turn Your Talent Into A Business Video


Here it is. We are only a few weeks out. Already over 1000 RSVP's over at CreativeLive!  Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps on May 15-16-17. You can watch it live for free. I am pretty excited. What are you waiting for? You can RSVP right here (- and will you please share with your

Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps

Turn your talent into a business in 12 Steps

Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps Please reserve the dates. On May 15-16-17, I am facilitating a workshop at and you are invited. It is free to watch the live online workshop each of the three days. Please RSVP

PhotoBiz Bootcamp About To Start

In case you missed it, the PhotoBiz Bootcamp is two days away from starting.  Enrollment for the Free 7 Day Photography Business Virtual Video Bootcamp is closing on January 31st at midnight Pacific Standard Time (US.) Enroll now: There are still a few

From Fear to Happiness! Conquering Fear and Overcoming Challenges

Beate Chelette on The Overwhelmed Brain

As you can tell by my posts, I've been working on a number of concepts that are all relating to how to conquer fear, find happiness and balance. Why? Because I just wrote a book about it. You can check it out on Amazon, it get's really fantastic reviews. As a result of my marketing and promotional

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Bootcamp OPENING again

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Video Bootcamp

If you want to learn the secrets of the world's most successful photographers for free - it's time to enroll in the 7 Step Video Bootcamp starting on February 1st. Due to serious time constraints, (I just published my book and massive travel with being on book tour, along with speaking engagements,)

APA Awards - Submit NOW

The 2013 APA AWARDS Photo Competition is now accepting entries. This is your chance to get your best photographs in front of the people that matter most to your career.  The 2013 APA Best of Show Winner will be the first to receive the coveted, engraved crystal APA AWARD, and each of the 31

Wedding Photography Summit

Wedding Photography Summit Would you like to learn cutting edge marketing strategies and get expert advice at NO COST to you? In that case, I've got a really exciting opportunity to share that you won't want to miss! My friends Stephanie and Jeff over at Book More Brides and DWF (Digital

Brand New :-)


...And free :-) Here's the scoop: Just put the finishing touches on a brand new training is for you. It's all about how to build a high paying client base through word of mouth and leveraging social media. (We'll also cover how to get found on the internet with some killer SEO secret

Important Announcement About Web Media Content


Announcement from Gerber Global Media Content (Gerber GMC) in cooperation with PhotoBizCoach Beate Chelette Feature Story Submission invitation for Web Media Content to all photographers!!     Zurich/Los Angeles June 1, 2013 Livio Gerber (zapaimages) and PhotoBizCoach Beate

PDN Faces Photo Contest!


This is a contest that you all should participate in, the PDN Faces Photo Contest. I've said it before and I say it again, being an award winning photographer does count for something.  Lots of publicity and lots of attention! GRAND PRIZE: One PROFESSIONAL GRAND-PRIZE winner will

Final Invitation To Free Video Bootcamp

We just did a shoot at Aesthesia Studio's in Culver City with Michael Grecco and recorded this video invite for you to join the Free Video Bootcamp. We are closing enrollment on Wednesday. This is it. Miss it and you have to wait till fall. Enroll now

How To Be Your Best Rep

How To Be Your Own Best Rep

Here is an announcement from friend and colleague Debra Weiss who is facilitating an event in Chicago on May 22nd. Please take a look at the announcement below. It is extremely affordable so it is a no-brainer to go. Debra knows what she is talking about, she has a long record in the industry.

Is It Time To Quit The Photography Business?

Just a few days ago I found out that a well-known photographer (in his niche) who is on the board of a major organization doesn't like me. There was an incident over 20 years ago that I don't even remember but apologized for, but he seems determined to hold onto it for whatever reasons he may

Art Shay - A Retrospective

Art Shay about the PhotoBizCoach

One of the great advantages of living in Los Angeles is that there is a great art show, gallery opening, or some other fun event every day. The American Association of Picture Professionals (ASPP) invited it's LA members to meet at Art Shay's exhibit. The very first of this incredible photographer

EP Edu Grants Program NOW OPEN through March 17


I get all kinds of promotional emails and LinkedIn messages all the time. The EP Edu Grants Program is great for photography students in the US and Canada. Check it out and pass it on! There are six equal prizes available, each consisting of a $1000 cash grant, and another $1000 worth of gear and

Photo LA


Acclaimed as a showcase for the best in the photographic arts Photo LA is one of the most dynamic and energized art fairs in the world! PhotoL.A., the longstanding photographic art exposition, returns to the historic Santa Monica Civic Auditorium for its 22nd edition January 17-21, 2013.

Leadership in Business

Mark your calendars. There is a live event in Austin in October that I am facilitating. It's a 2 Day Class on Leadership for Women and Men in Business.This class is not specific to photography, but it is about leadership, how to get ahead, balance the demands of a busy job with your home life. We've

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