How To Build Your Community

How To Build Your Community

Here's a conundrum for you: A business cannot survive without an online presence, yet it is difficult to make a splash and be liked (and found) in a big way online. Building a following, a community, is more accurately compared to an extreme marathon than a quick sprint to the finish line. There is

The Deal Has Gone Bad — Now What?

The Deal Has Gone Bad — Now What?

The vendor was disastrous. Deadlines missed, calls not returned, work incomplete, programming sloppy, and worst of all—he didn’t even bother to watch the screencasts I recorded of the problems he needed to fix! I discovered how lackadaisical his approach was during a conference call while I was in

How to Advance at Lighting Speed

How to Advance at Lighting Speed

It’s so blatantly obvious. The new guy on the scene is trying to grab all the hot jobs—the ones that get the most exposure and have the highest dollar value—even though his photography skills aren't quite pro. Why are you losing clients to HIM? The new guy must be better at schmoozing. What else

Are You Resisting Change?

Are You Resisting Change?

You’ll probably recognize this conundrum. You may even have been doing it for years. It goes something like this… You stay in a job, a relationship, the same fitness routine and diet for years and years and eventually realize your habits are no longer serving you. On the business front, your

Raising What Women Get Paid

Raising What Women Get Paid

Dear Brilliant Woman, There’s a shocking new study on women and money, in the workplace: According to AAUW, women will get paid equally as the men (who do the same jobs as you)… (are you sitting down?) …in just another 124 years. That’s right women, we’re “just” another one hundred and

The Photographer’s Guide to Twitter

Twitter Guide Image

Photoshelter has posted their most recent guide, The Photographer's Guide to Twitter. This is a great tool for getting your work out there in the most popular social media today, twitter! From Photoshelter: Here's our latest guide out today, The Photographer's Guide to Twitter, which

Turn Your Talent Into A Business Video


Here it is. We are only a few weeks out. Already over 1000 RSVP's over at CreativeLive!  Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps on May 15-16-17. You can watch it live for free. I am pretty excited. What are you waiting for? You can RSVP right here (- and will you please share with your

My New Fake Artist Portfolio Response Letter

In response to my blog post My New Fake Artist Portfolio I am posting the response from the programmer. While at first I was ready to be very upset with Sures Kumar - I must say that after reading his email to me I believe he is making a very serious point, something I have not thought about before.

ASPP Supports ASMP’s Instagram Position


Recently, ASMP has reached out to us asking for our support in addressing Instagram’s Terms of Use. The ASMP has issued a 47-page report, "The Instagram Papers," that explains the issues. Basically, ASMP is concerned about Instagram's unreasonable terms, particularly the fact that, once you agree to

Become a licensed photographer at no charge

Become a licensed photographer for a new Client Retention Management system at no charge - unique opportunity Revolutionary photography client retention system is accepting applications from 10 specialized professional kids and family portraiture photographers to get licensed (value $299) for

The PhotoBiz Is Anything But Dead!


It's been THE big news, not just in the photography business but also on Wall Street. The New York Post reported last week that Shutterstock's CEO  Jonathan Oringer, became "the first billionaire minted from New York’s Silicon Alley." Oringer established Shutterstock with 30,000 of his own images

Foto Evidence Book Award


I like to let my readers know of especially great award and contest opportunities. The Foto Evidence Book Award is one of those. The 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award competition is now open. Winners will be announced February15, 2014. The Award: The annual FotoEvidence Book Award will

Brand New :-)


...And free :-) Here's the scoop: Just put the finishing touches on a brand new training is for you. It's all about how to build a high paying client base through word of mouth and leveraging social media. (We'll also cover how to get found on the internet with some killer SEO secret

Pricing Photography – Fourth Edition!


This is great book and its in it's fourth edition! When I first started out I used it and always thought it was a great reference. Pricing Photography, Fourth Edition The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices By Michal Heron and David MacTavish $29.95, 11” x 8 ½”, 160 pages