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Here's Your Run Down On Photosecrets It's been fabulous and it is picking up speed. 'It' being my almost one year old business. From the day I decided to do Photosecrets to the day I made my first dollar it took 21 days. That is how I knew that there was a market for photography business coaching.

Coach Gives Tough Love Pep Talk

Photographers Dilemma: Yes, No, Maybe Over the last few days I received several emails from photographers. One  photographer from London was wondering how he could trust someone in the U.S. who had no office in the U.K? What if something goes wrong?  He told me that he had already lost some money

Anna Wintour, Behind The Shades

WHAT GREAT JUICY STUFF THAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW CBS just aired a special on Anne Wintour. For those of you who have been in a deep sleep for the last 21 years, she runs American Vogue magazine.  She is feared, obsessed and incredibly good at what she does. One word of her, a frown, a nod or a

Round-Up from Call with Photographer Andrew Eccles

Internationally Renowned Celebrity and Portrait Photographer Andrew Eccles Shares His Photography Business Secrets Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to have Andrew Eccles as my guest on the phone in my "4 Week Teleseminar Course." Andrew blew me away as he shared openly and honestly how he worked

Ogivly's Photo Art Director Shares Her Secrets

Promptly at 6PM we kicked off our first call for the "4 Week Teleseminar Course." Photo Art Director Leah Shoval answered questions that every photographer who is serious about his profession needs to know. You might remember that I had posted an invitation across many photographer forums to submit