Noteworthy Updates 3/10/10

Post One: How to get in for FREE. Join us for the ASPP Event This Saturday in Los Angeles Last night I had a fantastic monthly call with National ASPP (Association of Picture Professionals) Michael Masterson. The call recap will be posted shortly. In our call Michael alongside with West Coast

Noteworthy Updates 9/13/09

Post One: Annie Leibovitz Reaches Temporary Setttlement Good news for now. At least for the time being Annie Leibovitz got a little bit of air to breath and more time to figure things out. Read the article on NY Times here. Post Two: Los Angeles Times Writer Unclear About Copyright This article

Noteworthy Updates 9-6-09

Show Opening in New York What: Opening Where: Staley Wise in New York When: September 10, 2009 _______________________________________ Post Two: Image Warehouse is Over, Out, Nix, Zilch, Done This one is biting the dust. After a promising start the Image Warehouse is getting out of stock.

Noteworthy Updates 8/26/09

Post One: Back To Biz Free Call, It's All About Sales Bravo and good work everyone. The sign-up's for the September 15, 2009 monthly FREE CALL on SALES are through the roof! If you, too want to sharpen your sales skills and be ready for getting seriously back to biz, click here to sign-up. Post Two:

Noteworthy Updates 8/19/09

Post One: Making Facebook your Homepage Check out this article from Examiner about  making Facebook your homepage for your business. Not to say that I recommend that for photographers but it's worth a read. Click here to get to the article. Post Two: Negotiation Skills I am an expert listed on

Noteworthy Updates August 3, 2009

What's Going On This Week in Photography? Post One: Annie Leibovitz' mess keeps getting bigger and juicer.  I don't know what is going on but by now I think I should offer my private coaching to help her with the business! The world's best portrait photographer and photographer extraordinaire

Noteworthy Updates May 18

Post One: NY Photo Festival Insider Coverage Now that the NY Photo Festival is over you can go here and get your fix of what was what and who turned heads. It's all here. Post Two: VII Special Event NY We have a few great events planned for next week and we

Round-Up from Call with Photographer Andrew Eccles

Internationally Renowned Celebrity and Portrait Photographer Andrew Eccles Shares His Photography Business Secrets Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to have Andrew Eccles as my guest on the phone in my "4 Week Teleseminar Course." Andrew blew me away as he shared openly and honestly how he worked