ASPP Special Notice from the Executive Director

ASPP party Kopeikin Gallery PhotoBizCoach Beate

ASPP Membership Now Offering Press Release Submission to 4500 Image Buyers! During the last ASPP event in Los Angeles at the Kopeikin Gallery (picture above) Executive Director Jain Lemos (picture below with me and Lorraine Triolo) filled me in on a great new benefit the ASPP offers to it's

ASPP Community Event Los Angeles

ASPP Foundraiser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lisa Crockatt Silent Auction Chair / ASPP Member Phone: (310) 213-4352 Email: WEST COAST PHOTOGRAPHY COMMUNITY SWINGS INTO ACTION TO HELP GULF WILDLIFE FUND LOS ANGELES, CALIF.; September 30, 2010: The American Society of Picture

Image Expo In New York October 13, 2010

Visual Connections 2009 event in New York City

Visual Connections New York Image Expo Visual Connections (formerly Picturehouse Marketing US) will be hosting its annual Image Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York on October 13th. This is a unique one-day event for image buyers, researchers, designers, art directors, and other users of

ASPP at the Getty

Beate with the ASPP at the Getty

Member Benefits Galore This past weekend I got to do something I really enjoy. Which is to go to the Getty Museum. When the ASPP send their announcement that Program Director Sheridian Stancliff has scored a private tour for the members I was in. Watch this short video on the Getty Museum. As

Free Call Recap with ASPP President Michael Masterson

Recap of Call with Michael Masterson, National President of the ASPP This last Tuesday I had the honor to speak with Michael Masterson, National President of the Association of Picture Professionals. As a reminder, each month I facilitate a Free Call. You can sign up for the next one which is on SEO

Noteworthy Updates 3/10/10

Post One: How to get in for FREE. Join us for the ASPP Event This Saturday in Los Angeles Last night I had a fantastic monthly call with National ASPP (Association of Picture Professionals) Michael Masterson. The call recap will be posted shortly. In our call Michael alongside with West Coast

The Power of Association


How to Get Clients Through Networking You may have guessed it, it's Photography Association month over here at Photography Business Secrets. On March 13 I am the moderator and participant of an exciting ASPP event. If you have not read the details and signed up for the event, please click here.

Need To Boost Your PhotoBiz Career?


How to Positively Arm Yourself Against Recession Fatigue From the desk of Beate, the Photography Business Success Coach and the ASPP West Coast Chapter. We invite you to join us on March 13, 2010 to come to S. Pasadena (Los Angeles) for an amazing event. Most of you should know by now that I

Noteworthy Updates 2-10-2010

Post One: Ellen Boughn Got a New Blog Ellen Boughn, industry expert and author of the upcoming book "Microstock Money Shots" has a new thing. She's set up her own blog. Take a look at her blog about Stock Photography here. I am Everywhere!!! Post Two: Want to Meet Me in Dublin? Industry association

About Photosecrets


Here's Your Run Down On Photosecrets It's been fabulous and it is picking up speed. 'It' being my almost one year old business. From the day I decided to do Photosecrets to the day I made my first dollar it took 21 days. That is how I knew that there was a market for photography business coaching.

But It's All a Scam, Leave Me Alone!

Catchy title, isn't it? In the Internet world of too much of this and too much of that I thought I just put it out there. It is what it is. Millions of web pages, blogs, special limited-time offers and deals - business is moving more and more to the Internet. More buying decisions are made on the

Noteworthy Updates 8/12/09

My apologies, I am slightly delayed as I am catching up on everything I found this week that is worth reporting. It's just that the Cash In a Flash System is ready and the first shipment is being assembled at the warehouse. You know how it goes with last minute shipments. Thanks for those who are

Julius Shulman 1910-2009

It is with great sadness that I learned this morning that Julius Shulman has passed away at the age of 98. I struggle with finding the right words to describe someone who has done so much for architectural photography. Some say flat out that he invented it, others say that he was the pioneer of

This Just In: Finally a Photographers Cause

PHOTOGRAPHY & PHILANTHROPY – GETTY IMAGES & COMPASSIONATE EYE FOUNDATION CONTINUE TO CREATE A DIFFERENCE FOR CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD Ellen Herbert and I go back some time now. First I met her when she worked at Jeff Burke's and Lorraine Triolo's PictureArts in Pasadena. As a side note

Announcing Webinar With New Media GURU Rosh Sillars

Rosh Sillars New Media for Photographers

Please read about a very cool new event that I am facilitating on June 23, 2009 at 5PM (Pacific Time) / 8PM (Eastern Time) and again on June 24, 2009 at 11AM (Pacific Time)/ 2PM (Eastern Time). Please join me to my very first webinar with Rosh Sillars : "New Media Rules For Photographers." Rosh

Catherine Opie Lecture At The Anneberg

ASPP's Michael Masterson invited the Los Angeles Chapter members to "The Anneberg Space for Photography" in Century City, Los Angeles on May 7, 2009. Catherine Opie gave a 90 minute lecture on twenty years of her body of work. For those who are not familiar with her work it is worth checking it

Noteworthy Updates

Note One: Interview with Martin Schoeller by Charlie Fish Check out this great interview by writer Charlie Fish of photographer Martin Schoeller. The interview has striking similarities content wise to the one I just did with Andrew Eccles. He is a business man at his best and a fabulous

Copyright, Intellectual Property et al!

(click on images for more info) ASPP / PACA Copyright Seminar Culver City CA, Saturday, April 4, 2009, 9:00 am - 12 noon for Chicago info please scroll down Why you should do this: If you can you must go. Nancy Wolff is not just one of the most respected and nicest attorneys but this topic is her