The Rep's Corner: What Does A "Rep" Do? {Part 2}

Working from my initial description of what a rep does (in Part 1 of this series) - Identifies your target market, obtains accurate prospects and leads, makes contact, follows up, shows your work through several different means, generates interest in your particular style/category/specialty,

The Rep's Corner: Choosing A Rep

Q&A: Tim asks:  How do we know how successful they are or good at their job when we consider them for our own rep? I asked Mary Preussel, former Photo Rep, Account Rep for Black Book, and now an Account Rep for Workbook what suggestions she has for determining how good a rep is. Her reply: "As

Introducing our new feature: The Rep's Corner


One subject that consistently comes up in the photography business is that of representation. Questions as to whether one should have a rep, how the relationship with a rep works, when and how to go about getting a rep, and so on are asked often, and the topic deserves attention in each of your