Are You A Flake?

Are You A Flake?

You’re reviewing notes for a business meeting that is scheduled to start now, but the other person hasn’t yet showed up (or connected to the conference call). Waiting, waiting… Fifteen minutes pass, then twenty, and your partner/client/accountant/(applicable title) still hasn’t made an

Business Networking for Photographers - A thank you goes a long way.

For people to continue an effort, they need to feel appreciated for it.  This is just as true in business networking as in anything else in life.  If  you have been doing business networking for any length of time, you will have people who have contributed to your success in various ways.  This

Business Networking - Tips on what to say in a business networking meeting

  You've joined one or more business networking groups, and have been attending for a while.  Now what do you say when your turn comes around for your elevator speach?  You'll notice most people say who they are, the name of their business, and what they do.  They may talk about the

5 Simple Strategies To Stay Focused

PhotoBizCoach Stay Focused

A client of mine calls it spinning.  I call it helicopter brain. Our lives seem almost manic at times, and I’m guessing you feel it, too. Between coaching, editing my new book, event speaking, interviews, consulting and being the mom of an aspiring and talented young woman, my ability to focus

Pricing Photography - Fourth Edition!


This is great book and its in it's fourth edition! When I first started out I used it and always thought it was a great reference. Pricing Photography, Fourth Edition The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices By Michal Heron and David MacTavish $29.95, 11” x 8 ½”, 160 pages

Business Networking - One bad apple

What do you do when you're in a business networking group and you realize that one of the members is not living up to expectations?  Here's what you don't do - nothing about it.  Why?  Lots of reasons come to mind, but let's start with this one.  A business networking group depends on getting

PhotoBiz Bootcamp Only A Few Days Left

Click here to join us for the Free PhotoBiz Bootcamp starting January 6th!  

Free Photography Bootcamp Now Open

Just in time for the Holiday Season we decided that we are going put something under your tree. The Free Bootcamp is open again. Last time we had to cap at 1000 people because it went out a little out of control with the number of sign-ups. This time we stabilized our system and will be able to


Getting 140 different personalities to buy into my vision using my P.I.E. experience.

Getting 140 different personalities to buy into my vision using my P.I.E. technique. As I'm waiting around for several thousand RAW files to convert to JPEG so I can edit chapter two of the eight chapter sequences of the time-lapse project I wrote about here, I thought I'd write about my personal

When is a Photo Published for the First Time?

Photography business client and  photographer extraordinaire Dorit Thies just sent me this quick note and it's worth sharing.  The question when is a photo published for the first time has been discussed for quite some time. Finally there is a valid ruling. Over on the Photo Attorney's blog post

Leadership in Business

Mark your calendars. There is a live event in Austin in October that I am facilitating. It's a 2 Day Class on Leadership for Women and Men in Business.This class is not specific to photography, but it is about leadership, how to get ahead, balance the demands of a busy job with your home life. We've

Yoga DVD’s like Big Budget Mini-Movies

jo Meditationmoon

One of my clients is winning award after award! Read the press release below. In the previous blog post I had mentioned how winning awards can help you to garner attention. Make a note: win award - write press release - to be continued... TV COMMERCIAL/VIDEO DIRECTOR INCORPORATES FEATURE FILM STYLE

7 Step Video Bootcamp

For Immediate Release BEATE CHELETTE  “PHOTOBIZ COACH” HELPS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS INCREASE THEIR INCOME IN TODAY’S TOUGH ENVIRONMENT Chelette Builds Photo Businesses With Her Unique Systems  --  Launches Free “7 Step Video Bootcamp” Beate Chelette, a veteran in the

You Never Know How Clients Will Find You

Beate Biz Card

Here's a post on building quality relationships because you never know how and when clients will find you in the photography business. As your PhotoBiz Coach I talk a lot about networking and marketing your business. Success in business is build on the quality and longevity of your relationships.

Expanding Creativity through Personal Projects


(c) by guest blogger Cristiano Burmester from Brazil for the PhotoBizCoach Irrespective of which specific area of photography you are in, your photography should tell a story. Whether it is a single image or a series of images,  photography has historically played a role in telling stories in

LinkedIn - What Mistakes You Need To Avoid

LinkedIn is one of those things. Love it or hate - there is no way to get around using LinkedIn as a photography business professional. Because LinkedIn does such excellent SEO very often your LinkedIn profile shows up in Google searches. For that reason alone it has to be flawless. Another reason

What Is Branding and What Goes Into It?


This past week I went on a vlog bonanza! Below please find your first one about branding. Client, photographer and avid blog reader Momi asked this question: What goes into Branding? Listen to the answer in the video below: By the way, did you know that we have over 155,000 YouTube channel

Fine Art Photography Collectors BEWARE

Photography has become a collectors item. Thank you God for making paintings, sketches, and sculptures so expensive that collectors were looking to other genres such as photography. For a long time I have been wondering about the issue of limited editions. Let's go over this together. In Fine Art

Get Paid to Learn the Photography Business!

Get Paid to Learn the Photography Business

How did I do that? (c) This week guest blogger Kirk Francis writes for Wow, I got paid to learn the photography business!  As someone that is emerging in this industry, I am in need of experience, referrals, and references.  How do you do that?  How do you get started? 

PDNOnline and "What Reps Want"

PDNOnline posted a great article titled "What Reps Want".  this is a great read and contains excellent insight on what a representative is looking for in a client. Deb Schwartz really nails it when she explains why she decided to represent Augustus Butera. She explains why photographers need to