Stock Industry Survey


This post is for everyone who sells or trades stock licenses. The Heidelberg University is requesting assistance in getting a current picture of our industry. Take a look at the brief: This survey is conducted globally and endorsed by PACA and CEPIC, the two

And Here Is The Big Event...

How to Use New Media To Get Business and not just more fans, friends and followers I know, I know... I've been talking about the largest global stock conference CEPIC and me talking at CEPIC with Marco for quite a while. Last week was the big event in Dublin. Marco and I  spent some time to

Meet the President(s)

Cepic's Vice President Klaus Plaumann and President Christina Vaughan (ImageSource) Please watch this quick video with Cepic's VP Klaus Plaumann at Cepic. He briefly explains why it's important to attend this largest industry event and its benefits to the attendees. The final number was even

Finding Opportunities Through Networking Events

Cepic mood shot

Reporting on the CEPIC Conference in Dublin What a whirlwind week that was. First I saw my daughter drive off in a limousine to her Prom last Saturday. This event was followed on Sunday by the AVPA Culver City arts award show at her high school, where she received six awards including best vocal

What's Next in the Photo Industry

The Luck of the Irish After you sell your company for the pocket change amount of $135 million dollars to Getty what do you do next? Jerry Kennelly, the colorful former owner of the hugely successful Irish Stockbyte that he sold for this huge number has cooked up his next big thing. What is it

Using New Media to Find Business Not Just More Friends

Recap from Presentation at the New Media Conference at Cepic Presented by Beate Chelette and Marco Oonk Since I sold my specialized stock photography syndication Beateworks to Corbis in 2006 it’s been busy. After running Corbis’ prestigious global Outline and Entertainment divisions until 2008 I

Noteworthy Updates 2-10-2010

Post One: Ellen Boughn Got a New Blog Ellen Boughn, industry expert and author of the upcoming book "Microstock Money Shots" has a new thing. She's set up her own blog. Take a look at her blog about Stock Photography here. I am Everywhere!!! Post Two: Want to Meet Me in Dublin? Industry association

Noteworthy Updates 9-6-09

Show Opening in New York What: Opening Where: Staley Wise in New York When: September 10, 2009 _______________________________________ Post Two: Image Warehouse is Over, Out, Nix, Zilch, Done This one is biting the dust. After a promising start the Image Warehouse is getting out of stock.