How Do Photographers Spend Their Time?


This fabulous and humorous info graphic will shed some light on the glamorous profession of a professional photographer. Being in the photography business means that you are the envy of our friends.  With your gift and talent this should be easy.  Get ready for excessive global travel to exotic

We Are All In Trouble, Trademark Protection Gone Wild

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(Screenshot from their Facebook page) In September a lawsuit was filed against Getty images. You can find the filing right here.  The Car Refreshener Corporation filed a lawsuit for Trademark violation of the famous Pine Tree shape. The image(s) in question show a photo taken from the inside of a

It’s Settled: LaChapelle vs Rhianna

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(Screenshot from Rihanna's website) On June 30th I reported that David LaChapelle sued Rihanna and Universal for a copyright issue: PDN released that the suit was settled out of course for an

Facebook and Twitter Suck Part 1


The  pungent smell of a controversy, I just feel it. Here's the issue. I just returned from Austin from The Wizard Academy and a three day intensive course about writing and marketing packed with a suitcase full of how to reach customers on their terms. Roy Williams who is one of the most recognized

I Know I Can Make This Work, But How?

PhotoBizCoach Beate Skiing

Just yesterday I arrived back from a week in Vancouver. Couple of days on the slopes doing my favorite sport in the world skiing really helps clearing my head. The peace and astonishing beauty of the Canadian Rockies will calm the craziest and busiest mind. I realized that I had gotten so close to

Keep Your Ego in Check

Article written by William Manning © Ok, lets admit it, we all have some EGO. After all, our photography is, well, pretty darn good. People need our work to sell their products and services. Without our talent these folks would go out of business, they would have no where to turn. WRONG. I

Microstock Money Shots


Turning Downloads into Dollars with Microstock Photography She's done it again. Established stock photography industry consultant, colleague and friend Ellen Boughn knows what's going on. Ellen has been in the business for some time and done it all. From mass market, to high end boutique to money

Take Control of Your Business (Part 2)

Written by William Manning ( Design a Price Structure Design a price structure that will lead you to success. It's going to happen, so be prepared. When you get that phone call and the potential client loves what they see, the question is bound to come up, "What are your

Are You Looking Good Enough (on paper)?


I am an addict. Seriously, I have gotten so into Social Media. Since I invested in my iPad my world has changed. I do absolutely everything on it now. From watching shows, streaming Netflix, playing games and reading books on airplanes, running the controls for my free calls (hint, next on is on

ASPP Community Event Los Angeles

ASPP Foundraiser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lisa Crockatt Silent Auction Chair / ASPP Member Phone: (310) 213-4352 Email: WEST COAST PHOTOGRAPHY COMMUNITY SWINGS INTO ACTION TO HELP GULF WILDLIFE FUND LOS ANGELES, CALIF.; September 30, 2010: The American Society of Picture