Face Off at Smashbox Studios Hollywood

Beate Chelette Ettore Zuccarelli

Here is a peek at the latest Smashbox event. The annual Face Off competition took place at Smashbox's studios in Hollywood. Here is me chilling with Ettore Zuccarelli from ABC. He's a staple in the industry and one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook. Here is Mikel Elliot announcing the top

...and Yet Another Smashbox Party

Party over, read the recap here: http://photosecrets.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/party-people-on-the-rooftop/ This Weeks PARTY ALERT Smashbox is hosting their monthly Smashbox Soiree, this time it is a Palihouse. But that's not all, it's someone's birthday party, too. The Birthday Boy is Ettore

You bet I did... PARTY People Round-Up

As I am leaving last nights bustling industry soiree sponsored by Smashbox I peeked in my swag bag. There it is, a shirt telling me that $500 is the new BLACK. With a puzzled look on my face I had to investigate. Check this out. Smashbox is running a special. You can rent one of five studios for the

OK Party People....

Last night I went to the Industry Soiree compliments of Smashbox Studios at the Crown Bar. Before we dive into this evening, let's put first things first. Many photographers get a little uncomfortable by the idea of needing to go out and network. They simply don't know how. So if you want to know