Getty Images Race To The Bottom

Marketing for your photography business

Recently Getty Images announced the availability of over 3 Million images for free to anyone who wants them.  I had to stop and pause. Generally speaking I have no issue to voice my opinion, but in this case I had a feeling that there was more to it. Something didn't add up. I wondered WHY would an


I forgot PhotoBizCoach

Photographer Michael Albany from Philadelphia sent me an article called unnovation. He asked me what I thought of it and if it applied to the photography business. Oh well... Sometimes this industry feels as if it is a heavy big glob of glue. One that is just sitting unnovatively around

We Are All In Trouble, Trademark Protection Gone Wild

Screen shot 2011-10-27 at 12.49.24 PM

(Screenshot from their Facebook page) In September a lawsuit was filed against Getty images. You can find the filing right here.  The Car Refreshener Corporation filed a lawsuit for Trademark violation of the famous Pine Tree shape. The image(s) in question show a photo taken from the inside of a

Getty Images On a Buying Frenzy


  Just a few days ago Getty Images bought PicScout. A service designed to assist customers to legally license images and on the other hand a great tool to chase down copyright infringers. Why Getty bought PicScout is not quite clear from a strategic perspective. My instinct tells me that

Annenberg Lecture with Jim Colton from Sports Illustrated

Meet Photo Editor Extraordinaire Jim Colton from Sports Illustrated Last Thursday I made my way over to the Annenberg to meet Jim Colton in person. He's been named one of the top 100 people in the photography industry and is a widely respected photography professional. People just love this guy and

Getty Legal Video How to Protect Your Work

Just came across this video from Corporate Counsel Lisa Willmer on how to protect your work. Definitely worth watching: Lisa Willmer What's noteworthy about this? Clever way on how Getty uses this to promote all their services and outlets such as Flickr. Also it's clearly scripted and feels a

Update On That Stock Thing

Successful Launch of "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stock" Last week Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and I kicked off our 4 Week Teleseminar. Our first guest was stock photography Rockstar and Royalty Free expert Sarah Fix. Sarah and I first met when was a greenhorn and had

ASPP Reinvention Seminar Recap

READY FOR REINVENTION? Recap of: An Idea-Packed Workshop for Creative Professionals This Saturday I hoped over to 3619 Eastham Studio for a very well attended ASPP West chapter seminar in Los Angeles. From right to left, moderator Jeff Burke who will be my guest on the next free call this coming

Noteworthy Updates – June 24, 2009

Dear Photographers and Photography Enthusiasts, Yesterday I had an amazing call with Rosh Sillars about social media for photographers. I'll be making the CD available as a stand alone product very shortly. It's truly inspiring to hear Rosh speak about how it works, why it works, what photographers

This Just In: Finally a Photographers Cause

PHOTOGRAPHY & PHILANTHROPY – GETTY IMAGES & COMPASSIONATE EYE FOUNDATION CONTINUE TO CREATE A DIFFERENCE FOR CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD Ellen Herbert and I go back some time now. First I met her when she worked at Jeff Burke's and Lorraine Triolo's PictureArts in Pasadena. As a side note