LinkedIn – What Mistakes You Need To Avoid

LinkedIn is one of those things. Love it or hate - there is no way to get around using LinkedIn as a photography business professional. Because LinkedIn does such excellent SEO very often your LinkedIn profile shows up in Google searches. For that reason alone it has to be flawless. Another reason

How To Look Good (Online)

Here are a couple of essential tips to having a memorable online presence. Show me what you got by joining our Facebook group or "Photography Business" on LinkedIn. If you have a tip or trick that you'd like to share please put it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you what works for you.

Social Media Do's and Dont's

Please take a look at this short video discussing essential do's and dont's on Social Media websites, especially LinkedIn. Good etiquette and setting a hook for your conversation are required to catch someone's interest. What's your hook that makes people want to ask you more about what you do?

Noteworthy Update 1-22-2010

Post One: Launch of New Photography Association in London London Photographers Association first London meeting 2010. We welcome members. As an avid user of LinkedIn I just came across this post. There is a new photographer association that was just founded. It is located in London and they are

OK Party People….

Last night I went to the Industry Soiree compliments of Smashbox Studios at the Crown Bar. Before we dive into this evening, let's put first things first. Many photographers get a little uncomfortable by the idea of needing to go out and network. They simply don't know how. So if you want to know