Free Call Recap with ASPP President Michael Masterson

Recap of Call with Michael Masterson, National President of the ASPP This last Tuesday I had the honor to speak with Michael Masterson, National President of the Association of Picture Professionals. As a reminder, each month I facilitate a Free Call. You can sign up for the next one which is on SEO

Noteworthy Updates 3/10/10

Post One: How to get in for FREE. Join us for the ASPP Event This Saturday in Los Angeles Last night I had a fantastic monthly call with National ASPP (Association of Picture Professionals) Michael Masterson. The call recap will be posted shortly. In our call Michael alongside with West Coast

The Power of Association


How to Get Clients Through Networking You may have guessed it, it's Photography Association month over here at Photography Business Secrets. On March 13 I am the moderator and participant of an exciting ASPP event. If you have not read the details and signed up for the event, please click here.

Meet ASPP National President M. Masterson

ASPP West Chapter Holiday Party Just this last week I went to the ASPP West Coast Chapter Holiday Party at El Coyote in Los Angeles. There were many familiar faces and a few new ones. Please meet new incoming National President Michael Masterson in this short video: Benefits of the membership

Catherine Opie Lecture At The Anneberg

ASPP's Michael Masterson invited the Los Angeles Chapter members to "The Anneberg Space for Photography" in Century City, Los Angeles on May 7, 2009. Catherine Opie gave a 90 minute lecture on twenty years of her body of work. For those who are not familiar with her work it is worth checking it

Copyright, Intellectual Property et al!

(click on images for more info) ASPP / PACA Copyright Seminar Culver City CA, Saturday, April 4, 2009, 9:00 am - 12 noon for Chicago info please scroll down Why you should do this: If you can you must go. Nancy Wolff is not just one of the most respected and nicest attorneys but this topic is her