Wrap Up on LinkedIn Groups About Working for Free


Boy, I did start something, didn't I? You may recall, the discussion free or not free was posted and it's picked up a lot of heat in the LinkedIn photography groups.  I think it's all been said and I just posted this response in the busiest group with about 260 comments, Professional Photography.

Sharpen Your Presentation Skills


Open Call Recap - How Good Do You Look? Just in case you are new to the blog please allow me to quickly fill you in on a free perk for all my readers, followers and friends. Each and every month I facilitate an open call that is absolutely free with a top industry expert. The last free call was

How Free Can Get You Paid


Finding Jobs Through Offering Free Photos I like FREE. I offer lots of things for free and I always end up coming out ahead. That doesn’t mean I give everything away but free is part of my business strategy.  You may remember the heated discussion about free that originated on the Blackstar blog and

First Response


Honey, I Am Home It's been a whirlwind of trips for me. Just yesterday I arrived back from Las Vegas and I am off to go to Hawaii from which I will be hosting the next free call. If you haven't signed up, please secure your spot right now. You only have a few days left. I've been once again to a

VII Glastonbury: Another Stage


VII Glastonbury: Another Stage By. Ventia Dearden VII Photo Agency LLC New York • 28 Jay Street • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • USA Paris • 20, rue de Rochechouart • Paris, 75009 • France California • 1095 S. Fortuna Blvd., Suit 4F #397 • Fortuna, CA 95540 • USA Glastonbury: Another Stage VENETIA

How Good Is Your First Impression?


Does your website bring out the best in you? You've heard this one before. "There is only one first impression." While I believe that it's true -  in our world a new thing can be just that one great reason you need to get in front of your clients - again, I've had several posts recently about the

The Big Controversy: Working for Free?

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A few days ago I got a question from a reader over at Blackstar's blog who wanted to know what I think of the work for free controversy. Here's the story. John Harrington, a very well known Washington photographer is  a contributor to Blackstar as well as a blogger. On July 13th he posted a great

How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd

Photobizcoach for Blackstar

From Anonymous to Popular This question keeps popping up: "How do I stand out, how can I set myself apart?" Just yesterday I was in contact with a husband and wife photographer team in Vancouver who have won my "From Flash to Cash System." I asked for a testimonial and she said something alongside

Join The LinkedIn Group


New Photography Business Group Launched If you are a photography professional or from a related media field you are invited to join "Photography Business." It is a new group dedicated to share tips and tricks about the photography business. The group is specifically designed to market and promote

Opportunities Galore…


Would You Be Interested in This or Know a Good Fit? Opportunity One: Digital Genius Digital specialist wanted. Must be a genius with Photoshop but also know the current standards of Metadata for stock photography. In addition you should have experience how to archive, number and name assets.

What's Hot? A BikiniList!

Ross Bikinilists and Photobizcoach beate

Here's an Easy Way to Connect with Image Buyers If you are struggling with getting enough new business you might be in violation of the rule of seven. This is a marketing rule and simply states the fact that your customer probably doesn't know who you are unless he's heard from you at least seven

Still Worried About Image Theft?

Read With Caution - Contains Great Offers for PhotoBizCoach Blog Readers! I've been back from Dublin for a week and I still got more to pull out of my hat. In this blog post we'll be discussing rights. Actually it's about how to protect your copyright and not lose money from infringers. If you are a

And Here Is The Big Event…

How to Use New Media To Get Business and not just more fans, friends and followers I know, I know... I've been talking about the largest global stock conference CEPIC and me talking at CEPIC with Marco for quite a while. Last week was the big event in Dublin. Marco and I  spent some time to

Alert! Alarm! A Call To Action, New York Is In Trouble!

THIS IS JUST IN and Requires YOUR Immediate Attention if you shoot in New York It appears that still photographers have been thrown in the same dumpster as big, fat and well funded film companies. The Mayor wants to bleed our community dry. Please do what you can and protest this thoughtless idea