Business Networking – One bad apple

What do you do when you're in a business networking group and you realize that one of the members is not living up to expectations?  Here's what you don't do - nothing about it.  Why?  Lots of reasons come to mind, but let's start with this one.  A business networking group depends on getting new

What’s An Image Worth?

What's an Image worth?

This month I've examined the photography business question what's an image worth for my column at Blackstar Rising. Take a look.                      

Expanding Creativity through Personal Projects


(c) by guest blogger Cristiano Burmester from Brazil for the PhotoBizCoach Irrespective of which specific area of photography you are in, your photography should tell a story. Whether it is a single image or a series of images,  photography has historically played a role in telling stories in our

Photography Lesson’s From The Starting Line

Hate me all you want, I am one of them by guest blogger (c) Delme Thomas for the PhotoBizCoach About two months ago I decided to focus my attention to all the money making opportunities surrounding photography that I had running around my head each day. Having done a lot of reading and research

Fine Art Photography Collectors BEWARE

Photography has become a collectors item. Thank you God for making paintings, sketches, and sculptures so expensive that collectors were looking to other genres such as photography. For a long time I have been wondering about the issue of limited editions. Let's go over this together. In Fine Art

How Do Photographers Spend Their Time?


This fabulous and humorous info graphic will shed some light on the glamorous profession of a professional photographer. Being in the photography business means that you are the envy of our friends.  With your gift and talent this should be easy.  Get ready for excessive global travel to exotic

The Pressure Of Being Creative On Demand In Photography


(c) Guest blogger Cristiano Burmester from Brazil writes for In today’s competitive and image saturated market, the pressure upon photographers for being constantly creative can be overwhelming.  Being a photographer myself for quite sometime, I have felt and dealt with that in

Arrogance and Ignorance In The Photography World


I don't do this very often. Call someone a bad name. In this case I can't help myself! Le Book, you are arrogant and ignorant. What happened? During the recent even Connections by Le Book LA event I was declined attendance. Actual note is below. When I ran my company Beateworks I

Become a Contributor to The PhotoBizCoach Website

Do you have an opinion about the Photography Business? We are looking for regular contributors. If you got an opinion, read on. If you are interested in becoming a writer for the highly ranked and widely read photography business blog please let me know. Contact beate at photobizcoach and

15th Annual Face/Off From Smashbox

I've been busy. Watch this short video from last week's huge party at Smashbox/Quixote Studios in Hollywood. The video includes a special message from CEO Mikel Elliott. For the future, I recommend the Face/Off competition to any of you who are aspiring to get your work seen. With over 1700 people

How to not be a jerk!

Sometimes what to write about is delivered straight to your front door. In this case a salesman. Watch how antiquated and inflexible procedures can ruin a sale. What will your take away be from this story for your business? Are your procedures killing your leads?  

Beware of Photography Schools


Reading this article in PDN today made me sick to my stomach. When it comes to photography schools people have divided feelings about them. And some have been under fire. Brooks Institute was sued a few years ago and now the Art Institute is being investigated. Please read the PDN article . I

Is Your Photography Even Relevant?

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Just yesterday I received an email blast from a 'leading industry consultant.' The consultant told her audience that (you) fail because you don't have a body of work that will sell. You should check out your visual product, solid body of work around a specific topic and your visual approach. At the