Content is King

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A few days back I made an announcement about the launch of my involvement with Gerber Global Media Content in Switzerland. I've answered a flood of questions as to the why and how and what,  both,  privately and my LinkedIn Group Photography Business what it is and why I think this is a big

The Aftermath Of Sandy On The Photography Business

Fake Frankenstorm

You may have been just like me glued to CNN all day while the reports on Sandy's furor where coming in. The pictures are worse than anything we thought we will ever see. Sandy caused massive damage and left millions of people in freezing temperatures without power or heat. It feels like the

Is Branding Necessary?

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As you are entering the quiet and reflective time of the year I suggest that you to ponder over what worked this year and what didn't. This 'mulling' is necessary to determine what aspects of your business are functioning perfectly and which ones need to be brushed off and updated. Here is what I

Social Media For Photography Professionals

Using New Media Effectively

It's a jungle out there. At least this is what it seems like. This video explains in detail what I personally use and what I recommend to participate in. This video is over at  Blackstar Rising in my regular column and a little bit longer than usual, about 5 minutes. If you are not sure what you

More Negotiation Tips


Dear Photography Professionals, My previous post where I showed you a video of my very best negotiation tip got a lot of feedback in the different forums. Here are a couple of additional ideas for you brought to you by your fellow photographers. Here are a few great lines brought to you by 

Sharing Your Gifts


This is an interesting topic that I have been mulling over. Just a few days ago I spoke in Seattle about "Innovative Business Ideas for Photo Pros". Afterward I was on my way to Vancouver for a 2.5 day meeting discussing a new product line. While I was in Vancouver I met up with a photographer

Guerilla Marketing At It's Best

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Guerrilla Marketing is a must read for any business owner as is Guerrilla Selling. I read my first copy when I was a photography rep and needed to close a few sales but truly sucked at it. It's a bible and I can't emphasize enough how important of a resource this is. I love what they do so I am on

Can't Find The Right Words?

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Caution: It's personal Dear Reader of the PhotosecretsBlog. You know that I am very business oriented. But for me and everyone else it's not always just about business. Like you I have a family and 'my own stuff' to deal with. Photo by Dorit Thies Recently I had taken the opportunity to use

Join The LinkedIn Group


New Photography Business Group Launched If you are a photography professional or from a related media field you are invited to join "Photography Business." It is a new group dedicated to share tips and tricks about the photography business. The group is specifically designed to market and promote

Are You Investing In The Right Things?

Questions every photographer should ask Click Here In the second series of videos Photography Business Success Coach Beate brings up ten questions every photographer should ask. In this video it is all about on whether or not you are investing in the right type of products and services that get your

It’s A (Weekly) Wrap

Read on, there is a lot I am covering today as I am going skiing to Whistler tomorrow for the next week and I won't update anything until I am back. If you like what you read, please subscribe to the blog - on your right. I post on many photographer forums the updates but sometimes I worry if they