Introverts Versus Extroverts: Who Is Better At Business?

Introverts Versus Extroverts: Who Is Better At Business?

There's lots of talk these days about introverts and extroverts. On the heels of Susan Cain's bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, more and more introverts are giving us a glimpse of life on the quiet side to let us know their innate traits are just as

Good Clients vs. Bad Clients

Good Clients vs. Bad Clients

It's a no-brainer that providing excellent customer service is crucial to the growth of your business. But, have you considered how your level of customer service relates to the amount of fun you have working with some clients? You likely aren't as attentive to the ones who drive you crazy. The


Getting 140 different personalities to buy into my vision using my P.I.E. experience.

Getting 140 different personalities to buy into my vision using my P.I.E. technique. As I'm waiting around for several thousand RAW files to convert to JPEG so I can edit chapter two of the eight chapter sequences of the time-lapse project I wrote about here, I thought I'd write about my personal

Sharpen Your Presentation Skills


Open Call Recap - How Good Do You Look? Just in case you are new to the blog please allow me to quickly fill you in on a free perk for all my readers, followers and friends. Each and every month I facilitate an open call that is absolutely free with a top industry expert. The last free call was

Membership Call Recap


Interview With The Stock Photo Guy John Lund I am pretty lucky. Why? Because I do what I love and I get to talk to very interesting people. For my upcoming "How to Make Money With Stock" course that I did with Jack Hollingsworth we interviewed industry veteran Ellen Boughn. She mentioned this

About Photosecrets


Here's Your Run Down On Photosecrets It's been fabulous and it is picking up speed. 'It' being my almost one year old business. From the day I decided to do Photosecrets to the day I made my first dollar it took 21 days. That is how I knew that there was a market for photography business coaching.

Great Photos Dont Sell Themselves


Is It Time to Get your Marketing Machine Ready? Do you want to know how excited I am? Very and here is why. He has said yes about five months ago and that is how long it took me to get this marketing guru on my February 9th FREE CALL with me - and YOU. I’m proudly to announce that my guest

Made Me Look – A Photo Assistant


Great Self Promotion, this time it's an assistant. My little tweet bird came in and told me that was following me. So I checked it out and came across Tim Olsen. Ever so often I come across something that I really like and find worth to point out. I use a real

And The Winner Is….


"From Flash to Cash System" Winner is... During the month of November I ran a contest. All you had to do is sign up on and if you were a newbie to Photography Business Secrets you'd immediately qualify to win. All in all we had just under a hundred sign-ups and I am glad

But It's All a Scam, Leave Me Alone!

Catchy title, isn't it? In the Internet world of too much of this and too much of that I thought I just put it out there. It is what it is. Millions of web pages, blogs, special limited-time offers and deals - business is moving more and more to the Internet. More buying decisions are made on the

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System"

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System" Just in time for Thanksgiving I am launching my November contest so you can win something. Enter your name and e-mail at and you are entered to win a free copy of Photography Business Success Coach Beate's "From Flash to

MacTribe Interviews Photography Biz Coach Beate

Watch and Read the Interview for MacTribe During my last visit to New York when my daughter Gina and I were doing the college tour I carved out some time to speak with Dan Robillard and Ilissa Knisley from MacTribe. MacTribe takes the traditional content and updates it for the new generation of