Stop Being Such An Alpha

Stop Being Such An Alpha

Strong and successful alpha women have been a part of our creative world, along with feminine men. I love that we get to pick the persona that fits us best, but role reversals are also a source of confusion.   Let's be clear—this has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Who we are

Bravo To Dorit Thies on Reinvention

Today I got an awesome email from longtime client and personal friend  beauty photographer Dorit Thies. The email said:   It makes me kind of proud that today I am  featured on the APA’s blog (American Photographic Artists) about my photography and my work and that  you have been a big

Marketing Doesn’t Work


Most people who subscribe to mailing lists and follow blogs simply ignore great articles unless the headlines contain some kind of hook. Marketing does work, of course—if you do it well. Ok, point made. But to be a successful entrepreneur you need more than a catchy headline. What successful

The Cure For Burnout and Boredom

Why Not Getting What You Want Is A Good Thing Boredom

Let’s face it, a good relationship, raising kids, a successful business—everything worthwhile in life—is work. A lot of work. If you spend much of your days complaining about how hard it is or how little you get from it (emotionally and financially) then it's pretty clear—you are most likely burnt

How To Manage In a Changing Industry


Change is great when you have successfully gone through it, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys the usually painful process of growth that change forces on us. Wouldn’t it be easier just to stay put and hunker down, and wait out tough times? Or can we face that our old ways that once worked no longer

Instagram Parody

Instagram Fast Beautiful Liars

My friend Bob Eveleth from just send me this hilarious Instagram Parody. It's true, everyone is a photographer these days! I thought you'll enjoy something funny for a change.  

5 Simple Strategies To Stay Focused

PhotoBizCoach Stay Focused

A client of mine calls it spinning.  I call it helicopter brain. Our lives seem almost manic at times, and I’m guessing you feel it, too. Between coaching, editing my new book, event speaking, interviews, consulting and being the mom of an aspiring and talented young woman, my ability to focus can

APA Awards – Submit NOW

The 2013 APA AWARDS Photo Competition is now accepting entries. This is your chance to get your best photographs in front of the people that matter most to your career.  The 2013 APA Best of Show Winner will be the first to receive the coveted, engraved crystal APA AWARD, and each of the 31 Winners

Pricing Photography – Fourth Edition!


This is great book and its in it's fourth edition! When I first started out I used it and always thought it was a great reference. Pricing Photography, Fourth Edition The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices By Michal Heron and David MacTavish $29.95, 11” x 8 ½”, 160 pages

Felony Photography


By guest blogger Michael Albany In the past few months there has been legislation introduced in a number of states that will virtually outlaw photography. The first bill that I learned about is New Hampshire HB 619-FN that states, “This bill prohibits images of a person’s residence to be taken

Update on Eggleston’s Fine Art Lawsuit

William Eggleston Guide

You may remember, last year back in April I posted an article about Eggleston, who is a very well known fine art photographer who had just been sued by one of his collectors. The collector had bought over the course of many years over 190 prints of Eggleston. I assume he holds the largest body of

Business Networking – One bad apple

What do you do when you're in a business networking group and you realize that one of the members is not living up to expectations?  Here's what you don't do - nothing about it.  Why?  Lots of reasons come to mind, but let's start with this one.  A business networking group depends on getting new

How Do You Find Clients For Your Photography Business?

How do you find more clients

How do you find clients? This is the number one question I get from photography professionals just like you. It is also the reason why I created the Photography Business Intensive., an online video and live coaching course that I facilitate only three times a year.  If you are a follower you may

Is photography about seeing or being looked at?


by  guest blogger Cristiano Burmester from Brazil The first time I heard that question I immediately thought about the relationship between a photographer and a model during a photography session. A simple portrait is a good example of how photography is not a one person statement. What I mean