I Am Mad and Wont Take It Anymore

Holding card

Recap of Free Call with Daniel Tardent I am mad. Actually, I am really mad and here is why. This past Tuesday I facilitated my monthly Free Call with Daniel Tardent. It was a call on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We had almost 200 people who had pre-registered for the call. We had lots of

The Controversial Marketing Tip.. you didn't want to hear

Marketing Tip for Photographers

This Just In: Marketing for Businesses with an Internet Presence Love them, hate them - it doesn't matter, you need them.  What's it? It is a Squeeze Page. Yuck, uhg, ugly, not for me, how dare you, an insult to my creative eyes that are only used to seeing beautiful pictures. I know, I know, I

Update On That Stock Thing

Successful Launch of "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stock" Last week Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and I kicked off our 4 Week Teleseminar. Our first guest was stock photography Rockstar and Royalty Free expert Sarah Fix. Sarah and I first met when was a greenhorn and had

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System"

Win Your Copy of the "From Flash to Cash System" Just in time for Thanksgiving I am launching my November contest so you can win something. Enter your name and e-mail at http://FreePhotoSecrets.biz and you are entered to win a free copy of Photography Business Success Coach Beate's "From Flash to

Is Photosecrets REAL?

Last week I got a little heat here and there from some of the photographer groups and forums that I posted my ideas and events. Is SHE (as in her - me) for REAL? By all means, don't take my word for it, do your homework. A Google search gets you 1080 results, enough to keep you busy for an

What’s That Thing Called, TWITTER?

One of the new staples of social media and one of my personal favorites aside from Facebook is Twitter. But what is Twitter and what is a tweet? Twitter is like a micro blog answering the pressing question "what are you doing?" It is a quick line, limited to 140 characters from you to your friends