I Am Gloating Over This One…

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This one is so good that I looked up the dictionary meaning and it confirms just how I feel: Contemplate or dwell on one's own success or another's misfortune with malignant pleasure.   It's a success!         I am proudly announcing the launch of

In The Case Of Masterfile (Another one get's bought or not?)

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Last week I posted on my Facebook PhotoBizCoach group a notice from RTT that Masterfile sold . Today I ran across this detailed release from PDN Newswire. There's a few things to note about this. It appears that the Masterfile sale is not completed yet. This usually means that a letter of intent

Image Search By Google (Don't scream)

This just in. My colleagues over at Photo Archive News just posted an article on Google's new image search. Google say: "Whether you type, speak or upload a photo, once you’ve indicated what you’re looking for the next step in your search is to sift through the results and pick one. To make this

Top 1000 Stock Buyers Search Terms


This just came across my desk today. PicNiche, the Online Stock Photo Market Analysis website just posted this on their blog. When you click on the link below you will see a list of the 1000 most frequently searched stock photography terms. Let's give them a big fat thank you for publishing this

Confidential Stock Photographer Survey


Whose Making What? One of the major issues in our industry is the question - how big is it? Rumored for at least a decade to be around $2 Billion, the truth is, nobody knows. Since Getty went private we lost access to some very important industry numbers and with Alamy's announcement that they are

Made Me Look – Fast Media Magazine


Something Old, Something New, Something Fast My former colleague from Corbis Marco Oonk is a smart guy. He just launched Fast Media Magazine and his new idea is gaining traction very quickly. Marco is well respected and a long time industry professional and that certainly plays into his success.